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Surrey Police Helicopter...near miss!


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So...amusingly...a couple of weeks after me commenting on another thread that the people who vandalised the Surrey Police Helicopter were bad, I have a close encounter with said helicopter!

There I am flying along at about 1500 feet on Sunday morning, when suddenly, about 100-150 feet below and to my left appears this Police Helicopter from behind me!!!!!! :shock:

No way I could see it was coming, and I was as visible as could be (No cloud around)...

But for some reason said Flying-Pig decides that it's ok to fly practically underneath me at only that distance away!!!

He wasn't stopping to say anything to me...it was just a flypast, but definitely made me jump!!

I'm almost tempted to complain. Definitely within the 500 foot rule and luckily not directly underneath me or god knows what would have happened!! :shock:

Amazingly, the other day, I met a guy who said he was responsible for plotting the helicopter flight paths over the Epsom and Banstead area (in Surrey) and he said they all came nearby. Nothing on the airmaps to show this, obviously, but worth bearing in mind.

Keep your eyes peeled...They don't seem to care about us!


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+1 on filing.

If you diligently try to fly where you should and adhere to air regulations, why shouldn't the people you expect to enforce them?

I understand the law of diminishing returns (pissing off the authorities and all - telling 'dad' on them), but the pilot who "goosed" you by surprise did know better, and if he didn't he really shouldn't hold the collective until he does.

That, and scaring the crap out of a slow flyer is all good fun until someone gets gift wrapped in their own wing and makes the news for the wrong reasons. Better Mr. Heli feels the back of a glove first eh?

Shame you weren't shooting video for his superior to confront him with.

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Why not enter this from a much more easy-going perspective. The guy doesn't understand the danger of what he did. He needs to know so you have 2 choices:

1) Put in an Airprox and the guy probably then thinks all paramotor pilots are hostile aviators (remember he doesn't see what he did as unacceptable). He then tells all and sundry his views and many listen because he is a professional pilot.


2) You get in touch with him directly have a lit of banter and then drop in a gentle comment about needing a bit more leeway. He's not embarassed by the situation and respects you as a pilot more. Better still he holds paramotor pilots in higher regard and can be asked to spread the word. If he doesn't play ball then you put in an Airprox report.

I know what I would do for the good of my sport and neighbourly relations with fellow pilots.

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I agree the softly softly approach might be better at first. WHilst aircrew training we were practising double engine failures. A good look out was made all round then just as the immortal words 'practice double engine failure...go' were uttered, a light aircraft came from our starboard side that we just didn't see. Even though we had all checked everywhere, the combination of light aircraft colour, angle, light (and on) just meant we didn't see him, and I doubt he was expecting several tons of yellow and black death to suddenly plummet in front of his eyes.

There's quite a few of you flying in the Surrey area it seems and there's a bit of a ceiling for those not using Gatwick & heathrow!! This will keep you hemmed in a bit. Why not take your kit with you for the crews to see and explain your massive speed may have made it a little difficult for them to see you!

Perhaps you could offer them some help in the manner of http://www.skywatchcivilairpatrol.org.uk/ or the soon to be constituted Paramotor and UltraLight Search and Record (PULSAR) organisation - watch this space!

Hope these suggestions help harmonise the sky a bit - it must have been something of a scare!

Take care all,

Tj :lol:

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