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Fly Castaluccio


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Hi all,

I was thinking whilst the wether is bad I will take advantage and prepare my motor, with a couple of tweaks.

Alas I am not known for my DIY skills.

I will now be needing one of these big rubber grommets as I snapped the stalk off!

Does anyone know where I can buy one?

I also need this spring http://www.simonini-flying.com/componenti6.htm at the top of the page. I rang them and they asked me to get it locally.

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well well well, As I am a bit bored I thought I would update you with the latest cascade of self infliction.

Thanks for the part fishing website I now have the o mounts.

whilst undoing the old ones by adding heat, the first came off.

The next one needed professional help and off to a garage where a new thread was needed.

I took the opportunity of adding three washers to the right hand side mounts (looking at the back) to persuade the machine to stop turning right. I hope its enough :?: After all that is all I was trying to do in the first place.

Else its asymmetric trim positions with the left trimmers half in with the right fully open to keep going straight.

So all looking good until the starter motor broke immediately after it was put back together on the mini 2 plus.

I think it was due to the heat being added earlier as it is nearby :shock:

Does anyone know where or how much a new starter motor is for those machines?

If they are too much I will just get it rewired.

kind regards


Air bound shortly - just need a brave prop swinger (Pete!?@:{}:>)

its lucky this isn't a sex forum otherwise I would wonder what a prop swinger was :D

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whilst on the subject of flycastelluccio.

I have the smn 122, which can take a 130 prop.

They have gone bust as some may know. However they share the frame or did with the flyproducts.

I notice flyproducts do a 16 Litre fuel tank.

does anyone know if it will fit?



Hi Simon

Bit of a late answer here. I aquired a Fly Castelluccio last week at a REALLY good price from someone emigrating. It wouldn't have been my first choice but I couldn't let the opportunity slide.

I too had the idea of fitting the 16ltr tank but alas, it won't fit. I have spoken to the dealer here in South Africa (Fly Products and Fly Castelluccio) and he confirmed this. Not believing him, I asked my mate to bring his spare tank to the field so I could try it and it's true - it won't fit. Perhaps the PXP 12.5 litre might with some mods or the Miniplane Top 80. They look like the same tank.



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