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shipping your Paramotor


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Hey all

In the near future there is a strong possibility I could be moving to Oz, I plan on shipping over some of my stuff via a shipping company. It takes 10 - 12 weeks. I was talking to my friend who is over in Thailand at the moment. Now has being hanging out with pilot from Spain and his Polish girlfriend who is also a pilot and they told him they bring there paramotors with them on the plane.

I could be tempted but then that could leave me with no clothes in Oz.

Have any of your good folk every had to transport your paramotors, equipment etc if so how.


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ps can I ask the same question to anybody whos taken their paramotor to NZ.....Ive taken my paraglider there but I would love to take my Paramotor this year.....

(Emirates Airline)

It is solely down to airport security, you need to totally clean your paramotor so that there is no smell at all of petrol/oil.

Say it is new (has to look new never been used so no fuel would have been put in it AT ALL

and have it packaged tidy.

Ideally put a new tank on it/with it.

Drain the tank pipes and carb clean the carb and pipes out with a degreeser and leave them to air after cleaning , the tank should be dried out (leave the cap off in a warm place for as long as you can)

then clean with a degreaser dry and leave the cap off.

If there is ANY smell of petrol /oil its a no go, A friend used to do this then just before entering the airport he would spray perfume/aftershave in the bag it was in.

If you can swing the extra baggage weight there is still no guarantee that they will let it on the plane

so have a friend there so that they can take it home if its not allowed on the plane.

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The same as above applies though. It will need to be cleaned to the point of no smell of petrol at all or they will not carry it. 

It will be interesting to find out how much is ends up costing you if you would keep us informed that would be great! 

Welcome to the Paramotor Club! 


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