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Which motor should I get?


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Hi all,

I am another newbie to the sport. Really enjoying it so far, have not got into the air yet but groundhandling is going really well at the moment(weather not to good for it currently).

I have been reading the forum for a while now and now thinking which motor should I get. I like the look of the Pap, the availability of spares, and most importantly I have not read a bad word about them in this forum, for that matter anywhere.

I am about 6'1 tall and 103kg 'ish with thanks to christmas festivities!(basically not a lightweight).

So would a Ros 125 be up to the job, or would the more powerful F200 be better?

Does anyone know of a decent secondhand motor?

Your thoughts and advice will be gratefully appeciated.

Thanks in advance


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Glad its all going well for you.

Welll I got the PAP Ros 125 which has stacks of power and is well made! Never had a problem with it - to date but then i haven't notched up that many hours.

I am 6'3" and 105kg..................no problems with getting you off the ground.

The F200 as I undertsnad it is PAPs tandem offering and for someone starting out possibly too potent?

I think whats more important is getting your wing correctly suited? I have a Revolution 28 and feel that a Revolution 30 would get me off the ground quicker and I would definately have slower landings. Saying all that the Revo 28 has been marvelous and I enjoy its capabilities all of which yet have to explored to their fullest.

No doubt others will prefer their own machines but PAP have a good reputation.

My pennies worth.


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I reckon that's great advice from Mike. There is no perfect engine in paramotoring but the Ros seems to be better than most with a thrust output that belies its size. Because you are larger you really should go for a 125cm prop. The F200 is a good motor, perhaps not quite so renowned for reliability but would work if one was available second hand and there were no Ros machines available. What he's saying about wings is so often overlooked.

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Henry - I paste an earlier post...I would be willing to sell for the right price. mail me at fordnmt@hotmail.com if you want more details....

I chose (and am still flying) a PAP Ros 125R with the smaller 115cm propellor and cage. It turned out to be a great decision because I haven't broken a prop yet after 30 hours of flying whereas I'm sure I would have done had I been flying a bigger frame due to 'lazy' take offs and getting in the seat too early. Plus with the ROS motor its enough power to easily get my 108kg arse off the ground even flying a reflex.

Only downside is that they are a bit thirsty with a range of just over 2 hrs on a reflex, but you're not looking for competition winning efficiency for your first motor surely?


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Just thought i'd chip in with the rest of you PAP fans.

Got a PAP evo 100, best motor ever used.

Smooth, Quiet, 125 prop shifts my 90kg arse no probs.

3.5hrs with the 13ltr tank if you trim it rite (dudek neucleon 27)

Plenty of comfort adjustments on harness.

No probs after 35hrs use.

Wot more do you need?

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Hi Henry.

For info the larger Prop is generally more fuel efficient than the smaller Props. Being taller the prop size isn't as much of an issue compared to our shorter brethren.

I am a bit bigger than you and fly Revolution 28. I have flown Eddie's (crazy parachutis) Revolution 30 and found it very much easier and nicer on launch and landing, the bigger wing might suite you better. The difference between 28 and 30 was much more than I expected. If choosing a Reflex wing early in your flying experience the bigger will be easier.

Despite size I have managed to fly the H&E 120 for many hours which has a bit less, but not a lot less power than the Pap you have been looking at; I flew Alininsaudi's Pap last year, it was a new one so I can compare.

I started on a Parajet Volution which is similar to the Parajet compact (middle size one) and has similar power than my H&E120. The general setup frame and harness is a good setup to learn on (forgiving when falling over and comfy). Cage netting is a must for the beginner in my opinion.

I have done about 50 or so hours on a Parajet macro (big one)which has more power than the Pap and is a nice motor. Parajet have suffered with reliability issues which may have now been resolved. After sales service is second to none.

My H&E with 17ltr fuel tank sits low behind the legs and is not very forgiving for the new pilot. Land on your bum on poor take-off and the cage flexes allowing the prop to break the fuel tank. Another £60 on top of the price of the prop. I am on fuel tank No 3. :explode: The Pap cage sits higher up.

My main motor is a Fresh Breeze sportix (German engineering) with a simonini engine. It has a good bit more power than the Pap and I have found that having that bit more power is more forgiving on the less favourable take offs that we all have at times. The Simonini is known as being reliable and doesn't have to rev so hard. My H&E needs 90% power to fly level trimmers off, the Simonini requires 50 or 60% power. After sales service for Fresh Breeze is excellent, its a very comfy unit for long flights.

The Flat Top also uses the Simonini and is a very sturdy unit. With more powerful motors the torque is greater, The Flat Top has a solid non moving hang system which doesn't reduce the torque effect as well as the swinging arm system. I tend to fly long distance most flights 40-60 miles plus and was worried about having to continually adjust straight flight due to torque with the solid hang system, this pushed me towards buting the Fresh Breeze. In saying that I havn't flown the FT yet but looking forward to having a go on Dave's soon.

There are many different motor options and opinions and choice is very difficult. The pilot who seldom leaves the take off field boundary and enjoys short local flights has different motor requirements than the long distance flyer. You need to decide where your interests may be.

One thing is for sure, its a great pastime.

Hope you get into the air soon. Spring is coming. :D


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Whitters me ol mate

Does that mean I am going to get to fly the Sportix ??

BTW Flattie has a plug in active weightshift option now. Changes things a bit. Not sure how much yet but looking forward to a sample. will have it on my super jobby (just between me and you)

Of course you can have a go on my Sportix Dave. Goes without saying. We should then write a review on each others motor experience.

Hopefully see you soon when the 3 W's are correctly aligned; Weather; Women; Work;

Thanks for comment Outcast.


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I look forward to that Rich. I do like the Simmo 200 alot. As we are both around 15 stone it should be an interesting comparison. I think your Sportix should be a bit lighter than my Flat Top. Quite interesting that you avoided the Flat Top because of the torque issue as your main interest is in long distances at cruise. At cruise speed the torque steer is not an issue really. It's only when you open her right up that you have to deal with torque effect. The autonomy would certainly be a bonus but I guess you must be down to around 3 litres an hour now having the same engine. Us'll find out in the fullness of time.

Dave 24

Chose the flat top for power 80 kg thrust, strength...doesn't break props, fuel economy..to do with the wing aswell, running cost...£5 for 2 studs which broke, retaining the silencer to the redrive boss(in 100 hours of flight time) Pilot safety...not landing on yer bum and frame forward bars to help absorb forward falls (faceplant type)

Against...as Rich said, torque steer has to be dealt with. You cant have huge power without torque effect though.

If there are points that are important to you, that I didn't cover, then do mention. Everyones priorities are different


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Thankyou everybody for your fantastic comments and advice. It seems there defiantly are some Pap fans out their, and the Pap has a good reputation. As the saying goes 'you pays your money you makes your choice'. I just need to make my choice.



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