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plug caps?


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I have an adventure f3+ motor (solo 210)

the manual states that a 10K plug cap must be used or damage to the CDI will occur.

when I bought it it had a 5K cap on the unit and a standard B8hs plug fitted. I have looked on the net and a 10K cap is proving very dificult to get hold of easy

So would I be OK in using a 5K cap and a R resistor type plug to make up the 10K assuming the plug is a 5K


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cheers, managed to get an NOS suzuki ts 125 cap off ebay, they are 10K, so will fit this 1 for now, but when that cap knackers up I will put the 5k cap n 5k plug in series. still not sure of the detriment it would cause by just having a 5k resistance instead of 10k though, anyone know why???

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