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Another newbie here :D

My father and I have been considering starting paramotoring for a while now. A friend recommended this site as a good place to start. We live in the North Cotswolds, and we're looking for a club/school in the area to have a taster day and then train with. (I've heard of one in Marlborough?)

So any info/help would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi Jonny,

I'm a bit bias but would thourghly recomend Simon Westmore in Lambourn. You should find his number on any of his posts on the forum. Have a look at the training blogs on the site to give you a taste of what to expect. I belive that he will be continuing training through the winter weather permiting so with a bit of luck and putting the time in should see you in the sky for the coming summer season.

Hope to see you on the hill.

Cheers Col......

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iam a recent newbie too. and collin has already helped me out at the lambourn field allready with hes advice.the take off site has very little rotor.meaning air that flows good bit like if you try flying at a beach no trees mountains etc.makes take off and landings easier.i noticed when i was looking around the amount of info here.seeing this made me join up.once you join you wont be the only newbie here so dont worry.:0)LAWRENCE

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