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Fanman is bang on.

I started with an MXL and Swing Arcus 4 which worked well and I had some great flights.

After a while I wanted to do longer cross country flights in company with others and this was where I found the Arcus couldn't cut it against reflex wings. I couldnt beat them so I wanted to join them.

However it was clear that the low thrust from the MXL was a limiting factor on which wing I could fly. I therefore switched to the Pap Top 80 1250 before moving up to the Revo.

I suspect you may have to change your motor first before your wing but as I said before, ask around and get advice.

One cost effective path, if you are happy with Rad and have a good engine and harness, may be to transplant all the parts into an Arrow or, even better, a Javelin frame matched with the appropriate prop. The prop size makes a surprisingly large difference.

Once you've done that give me a ring about the wing. :wink:



P.S. Thanks for the compliment Simon, I hope to fly with you guys one day and want to be able to look people in the eye.

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Hi there

I can confirm that the Revolution 24 is now for sale.

Thinking of £1150 ONO.

As mentioned previously, 2 years old, around 60 hours and in yellow.

Inspections welcome, based in Yorkshire.


Steve Scruton

01405 769886

steven @ scruton2.fsnet.co.uk (remove the spaces)

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