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Can you believe this is the UK?


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yeah I am in the blue Rab Jacket. Bearing in mind though I was on Skis and the other lad was on a board. Also I ski for about 3 weeks of every year so its pretty straight forward for me.

Bit gutted though that Youtube cut off the audio, you need to picture that vid to Red Hot Chilly Peppers.

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My motor is still being repaired at the moment, and my wing due back from Aerofix tomorrow (slight tear)...

IF my motor is running by then (we're just tuning it and trying to get a little more power from it)...then I'd be up for a Sunday flight even just to make sure it's working.

Weather looks perfect - if a little on the chilly side still.

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All the field s near me that i have permison to fly in are all in some kind of crop. I was thinking of going to lanbourne for a fly at there new field!! but i am willing to drive to guildford instead. But we will have to pay £8 and since we will prob only be having a shortish flight seem a bit ££££££ The only reson i wanted to go up to the club field was there is alot of open ground with no one around so i could practice my low level flying!!! :lol: I have the bug for it now after the low flight down the river :wingover: I am up for anything but the air space around epsom mean we can fly to far. I will ring my mate in pulbrough and see if he is around and may be we can use his farm and fly the river.

Haze my mobile number is 07731599660 if you can make it ring me or rob so we can sort something out.

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