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Which Paramotors are low or high?


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I get the impression that the top paramotor producers are (in no particular order):





Flat Top

Fresh Breeze?

I've checked their web-sites and it's not always clear which are low, medium, high or multi-attachment. I believe that Flat Top and Parajet are exclusively low attachment. Not sure about the rest.

Can anyone shed light on this question?


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Hi I think the following..





Flat Top....................Low

Fresh Breeze.............Both

Custom Air Cruiser......Low

Maybe some of these have different options, but this is what I have seen out there.

Added Custon Air, as it price is about £300 more than a Macro. http://www.custom-air.co.uk/



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How do you define low or high?

I would describe the Rad as mid and would not consider it in a list with the others at is only suitable for the lightest user.

I would also consider the Flat Top as a low/mid position (IMO a very sensible height) rather than a pure low.

FB do low (Sportix), mid (any of their comfort bar machines) and a true high (any J bar FB) although even these aren't as high as the old type high hangers like La Mouette, etc.

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I've flown all of those except the Flat Top (mid/low) and the CustomAir (low) and the only one I needed to use the high hang point brake setting was the J bar set up Fresh Breeze. Mid hangers on low hang brake settings make for really good landing control authority. Give it a try.

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My old DK Whisper was high hang points.

Had it converted to a Volution.

When I used the wing for Paragliding, I was swapping between high and low, a real pain!



IIRC don't DK's have a mid shoulder soft hook in position similar to a Rad or an adventure? Fly these actively on PG wings and then yes it could be a pain to hold your arms up higher than a low system but these days most of us are flying hands off on reflex wings where most of the time our hands are free. Time has moved on and wings have become more tailored for our sport.

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