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What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started

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wish Id bought a Pap........first would have saved money,and effort.....buy cheap buy twice

the more ground handling you do the less lines you break

get mike kungs ground handling video and copy copy copy.......and its fun

always give your motor the once over after youve flown it.......(the reason) if somthing needs replacing you can order it .......if you give it a once over just before just fly it and find something broke or it needs replacing.....you dont fly that day,,,,,and you can bet it will only happen on the best of days (sods law )page 2 :cry:

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Totaly agree with Garys comments Dave buy quality none of this unproven stuff i bought all of my equipment second hand which consisted of a Parajet Macro £2400, Dudek Synthesis 34 £1900.

Do not buy anything off a company called PARAMOTOR STORE . COM in Germany an absolute shower of shits it took me 8 months to get my money back of them buy local if you get a problem you can meet face to face and resolve oh dont put your motor on your back and than get on your push bike the police are not amused other than that you should be ok, Alan

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Groundhandling is worth its weight in gold! get some training get a cheap wing and do it whenever you can... before work... after work ... at work !!!

Ask about for references on instructors, I never had a problem but I have heard some horror stories !

Tom :acro:

P.s Do a bit more ground handling!

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I now know that

I now know that

Tossa's have a louder voice than the lovely people.

I'll shut up then :lol:

it is better than sex and it keeps getting better

for example

what woman will go hard at it for 1 hour for less than a £5.

fill her up and let you do it gain. for another fiver.

doesn't mind if you put her in the shed when you've finished.

or just left to sleep in the car overnight.

I could go on

Happy new year

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I had just bought my equipment and waiting to go to Andalusia to do my EP CP Bhpa coarse and every night i was in the garage starting the engine and playing with it looking at videos on you tube and saw someone else doing this and thought ill have some of that.

Anyway I lowered the seat on my bike put the motor on and thought ill peddle round the corner and start the engine up there.

As i live in a village quiet at that there is a dead end road that is hardly ever used, perfect starts to peddle there my neighbour who was with me shouts theres a car coming so i pulled over as it is a narrow road only to be confronted with a police car, you never see the police in the village.

Police man puts the passenger window down and looks me up and down and says your not going to start that whatever it is up are you, now I am 47yrs old and look it so i said no i am just getting used to balancing it for practise on this quite road officer he told me he would observe so i candidly maneuvered my bike in the opposite direction and wobbled back to my driveway.

Maybe another time.

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