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paramotor weight

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gents .

I am jsut wondering what the average weight of a motor with a tank of fuel is .

Am just thinkning about buying my first wing and motor but wanna make sure i get the best sort of wing for the weight .

Thanks jim

It will depend what your all up flying weight is ,

you do not usually count the fuel as when you have used it you could be light on the wing.

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Hey Pete. Happy n y . Now I've lost over a stone my mate can pass me on his Revo. Over 12 miles he started half a mile behind and finished half a mile infront. So do I buy a Nuc ? They dont need overloading to go fast do they? Or do I get a small efficient wing and load it up? I ask because I think the answers will be interesting to Speedmouse, who started this thread.


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Hi Dave

The nucleon (so I have been told, not flown one myself) is very similar to the fusion but it is a faster take off and landing.

I would go for a smaller more loaded wing to fly faster but you will take off and land faster, it should be more stable in the air due to the higher wing loading it will requier more grunt from your motor to maintain level flight so will use more fuel, if you did get a collapse then it would be a lot more dynamic.

But you knew that any way Dave :D

Try a small fusion Dave ( go one or two sizes down and try them) they are REALLY fun when you start to throw them around.

PS this is for experienced pilots only to try

Speed mouse in my opinion it is better to be heavy on the wing than light

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Ok cool

so nearer the top end of the range is better ..

IF i said 30kg for a motor i know that might be a little heavy but it would give me a rough guide to go by for choosing a wing

30k for motor

your weight dressed ready to fly

And your reserve

Some also take the wing weight in to account.

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ok gents ..

the wing i am looking at for my weight plus 35kg as simon said puts me at 120kg this is the very top of the small wings weight limit and dead in the middle of the medium wing weight range .

I know being heavy on a wing is better for penetration against the wind and for speed ..

But would it make any real difference in this case.

thanks again jim

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