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My new paramotor training website.


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Brilliant Simon.

A couple of small points:


....and a huge grin knowing that you're a pilot now!


....1-2 day(no s) blocks and complete their course...


The video titles are partially obscured by the video panes.



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The red colour used on the lettering does glare a bit and make the text difficult to read?

Great site though! :wink:

i gotta second ( or third ) that comment simon... great site..and i can see made on your new Mac... lucky me joined the mac club at christmas courtesy of the good lady.. macbook pro and loving it.

cant believe how fast vista runs with parallells ( needed for work software!!!! honest!!! )

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Nice job Simon !

Love the way that you are already embracing the broader Apple world of MobileMe - including adopting Apple's less is more design approach :wink:

Only a few observations:

- Main problem with legibility of Red/Orange text is more down to the font used, rather than the specific colour

- That particular font is designed for use with a larger pitch, as with your titles

Re: 'About Simon' page

- Spelling of Qualification

- Shade of orange used for final banner is different from rest of page


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Spot on Simon anyone wanting to learn paramotoring and reading this site should have no hesitation signing up when i first took up paragliding i visited a few paragliding websites and the second one was Activeedge run by Dean Crosbie, his site and endorsements did it for me and i signed up.

Your new site would do the same if i was looking to start paramotoring from scratch.

Also i do envy you turning something you love into a commercially viable business, well done and long may it remain my only gripe is i live along way from you and your flying events which i would love to come along to because paragliding and paramotoring has certainly taken over my free time cheers, Alan.

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