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New year lunch at Patrick's

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Nice to get up there for an hour and a half today. Approx freezing point at 2000 feet. Only the fingers got cold but remedied buy swapping the throttle from one hand to the other whilst the other went inside the flying suit to warm. Have to get some wind proof, elasticated mittens to cover the fingers after takeoff.

Great to rendez-vous with my cousin, who flew down from Exmoor to meet us at exactly the same time, and landed in Patricks horse paddock. Bit gnarly getting out again with rotor so decided not to let Patrick try it.

Thanks to rosie for a great lunch. Only three pilots but a nice new year fly-in. Got some video of my altimeter on a 550 ft/min climb average. 480 to 620. Is that good ? I weigh a stone less than last time so that could account for the extra 100 ft/min. And the 2 blade prop lets it rev a bit more.

Did 3 lengths of the field at home, on foot, like a weightless spaceman. 3/4 brakes and half to 3/4 throttle, into wind of about 7 mph. Then breaking left and right to zig zag taxi-ing. Great fun but increased ground speed crosswind !

Only lacked one thing. No rocketting thermals :( apart from the ones I was wearing :wink:

nice day


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