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A Challenge! to Paramotor from Lands end to John O'Groats.


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A Challenge!

I would be more than happy, and I mean more than happy...... to attempt to fly my motor from the tip of the north to the tip of the south of this great country...


and this is the good bit...............

All of the affiliate clubs that we can muster!

This is 100% something that I would LOVE to do!

I will need petrol!

For that I will need a route and a landing place......

Set up a club and I will land there.

WOW, I am all buzzy!!!

I am going to do this.......

NO!!!! did I say that out loud!?!?!?!?

You can help me to make it happen by starting an affiliate club and giving me somewhere to land for juice!


late summer 2008 I recon


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John O'Groats

Pictures presented in geographical order, not route direction - that should really be Lands End to John O'Groats due probable airstream flow.

Hmmm, about forty hours flying with no headwinds. Perhaps ten days with an allowance of the better part of two weeks to take care of weather. Maybe the right weather window would allow just the ten days.

Support team required would be a van and a couple of men/women to handle the logistics. Continual support should be possible with a decent spares pack up.

Just one guy or several? All using the same motors? :roll: For logistical reasons of course.


Imagine what it would look like if along the route other joined for 'their' sector? Ten, twenty paramotors in formation behind the team. Fantastic!

Publicity? Charitable aspect? We don't have to look far for a motivating cause, there must be one close by... surely. :(:cry:

There is a lot of work in this, a lot more than meets the eye but wouldn't it be fabulous if it raised cash for a good cause?

It would/should unite paramotor people and put the sport in the news. No mean task, no mean achievement!

It might even qualify those who took part for a Paramotor Club Diamond Distance Award! :wink:


Lands End

We can ask the pub to arrange for us to land near the arrow - if they want the business, they help! Quite a piss up methinks!

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No, just a handy map from the internet. I have penned out a better one above which would be more like it I think (with the odd deviation for airspace).

There is some amazing terrain en-route. The Lake District for instance. Hmmm, quite a trip. 8)


The Lake District

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Well, The Lambourn to Dartmoor bit is all planned out already :D

I need to un-install and re-install my Mem Map....

Also, I recon 130-miles a day should cover it! 800 / 900 miles depending on exact route (7 days if 900 miles total)

I say this becasue I have flown this distance before and I know that 130 miles a day for 7 days will be hardcore!


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Yep' agreed. 'Box' is formation parlance for a diamond configuration. The 'box man' at the rear feels a little benefit and can often back off a little on the power in a tight config. Swans, geese and other migrating birds use it to save energy but I doubt we would be close enough to reap that aerodynamic benefit but I am prepared to be corrected.

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...At a greater spacing your (first) diagram shows 'battle' or 'echelon stbd' with one in 'echelon port'...

AKA 'finger four'. Look down at the finger nails on your right hand to see why.

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I would like to invite, in full public view......in no particular order..........the following people to fly the tip 2 tip 2008 flight with me.

Simon Payne & Pete Boldwin.

Will you please come with me on this mad flight?

As you can see from the above, (assuming that both invited people are good to go)

There remains 1 more place on this life changing expereance for the full flight!


Dont know where the last place will go yet!

Other required help will be,

Ground Crew,

1 x 4x4 with tools, petrol, first aid, spare motor, Radio, Mobile Phone, Money, Spare GPS, Batterys, Emergency Kit,

1 x van with tools, petrol, first aid, spare motor, Radio, Mobile Phone, Spare Wings, Food, Water, Tents, Money, Spare GPS, Batterys, Emergency Kit.

1 X Motorcycle With basic tools, First Aid, Radio, Mobile Phone, Money, Spare GPS, Batterys, (medical Qualification, I can arange a FREE course for this person.)

1 X 'Fixer' in car With Tools, petrol, first aid, spare motor, Radio, Mobile Phone, Money, Spare GPS, Batterys, Emergency Kit. (Job is to sort out any local issues BEFORE landings.) The Fixer has the most important job in an event like this! It is YOU that will make sure that there are no last min problems, farmers, landouts, any unexpected events. You drive like the wind (ahead) of all of the crew!.

Route Planner Passenger in Car with Fixer, It is your job to make sure via, radio, phone, e.t.c that we all (the pilots, including clubs joining a leg or 10) stay pointing in the correct direction, It is also your job to keep a ground eye view of the weather and any other possible hazzards, you must carry, Spare Radio, Spare phone, Spare Batterys for Pilots radios, maps compasess, Vario, and Altimeters. (also a very important job!)

Site Admin This is also a key part of this mad idea working! This person will need to the route planner and ensure that we have the permission / accom (be that tents or B&B's for ALL involved including ground crew and local clubs)

Safety Officer in own car follows pilots With Tools, Local Emergency Services numbers, Emergency Pack, Spare Emergency pack, Food, Water, The Safety officer should ensure, All above have first aid kit and working comms & Emergency pack before first take off, at half way point and prior to final landing.

Air Crew.

I hope......

Video / photographer Someone who can fly, film, and take pics!, we need someone to act as a filmer. You will also be a part of the advance party (the fixer) but in your own transport with your own kit.

We need someone who can not only read a map for this job but, take off and get the footage for this event. 10 min you tube videos, loads of pictires.....and so on (this person can fly as much or as little as he or she wants, the footage though is very important for maximum effect.) so is NOT expected to fly the entire route but expected to be in the air at least once every two hours (which will be hard!)

Pilots again I hope......

Simon Payne Happy to fly for 2 hours + most of the time he flies! ( will be expected to loan his van as well 'please' )

Pete Boldwin Great guy, used to comps, good few hours under the belt, Just a person that I think can do it! (you may need to carry your leatherman!!!)

Myself Tagging on for the ride! or..... something I have wanted to do since I first straped into a Paramotor! This would be a great way for the team to raise a chunk of cash for a charity and be involved in something that you can be proud of for ever!

http://www.forceschildrenstrust.org The Forces Children’s Trust is a charity devoted to helping the dependant children that have lost a parent whilst serving with the Armed Forces. (Enough Said?) no, not enough money to shout loud enough.

UK Air Ambuulance Trusts On route As people who Drive to work, Fly, surf, ride mountain bikes, motorbikes, Ride hourses, sail boats and just about anything else that is fun!! we all NEED this service. (The Cornwall Air Ambulance more than likely saved my dads life many years ago)


If you want to get involved with this, NOW is the time to get in touch......

Yippeeeeee!!!!!! how great is this!!!! :lol::lol::lol:


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I have now had a chance to talk to Gilo about this 'mission'

He is going to build me a 'very' special motor to fly with, and use the flight for its public launch, I also have a sponsor for 'a' wing lined up.

Anyone going to help with the ground crew for this yet :( .................

We could have 3 crews and only do a 3rd of the trip each (or something)


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Who is the weather guru that can find out when would be the best time of year to do this ie wind direction / strength and other conditions?

4 motors the same would be ideal but I cant afford to buy another yet

4 wings the same lent for the trip Dudek synthes would be nice. Good promotional advertising for them?

Camping would be better as you would have no wasted time traveling to and from landing /takeoff field(assuming we could camp in the field)pros and cons please.

Additional routes would need to be planned in advance to allow for flying cross wind if the needs arise.

All pilots should be comfortable taking off and landing in up to 15 mph winds also in reasonable bumpy conditions(but not dangerous conditions)

Comments please



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Simon, Pete, ALL

We now have a team of 3 for the air. (one more space left)

This is going to be very hard work, but bring it on I say!

Good points Pete. I have asked for a 'Route Planner' (ideally someone with Mem map) If no one shouts out, I will give Clive B a dig.

Ref Sponsorship, wings, motors.... I spoke to a guy from a large company about this trip at the NEC and we are currently talking about sponsorship to cover this. I agree that the same wing is a must (we all need to be around the same speed in the air.) (Plasmas?)


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