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Newbie in South Oxfordshire looking for instruction

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I'm very interested in taking up the sport in the next year or so.

However, I have a specific question about medical requirements. There is a good chance that I might loose the sight in my right eye over the next couple of years. Will this prohibit me from being able to fly solo ??

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Hi Mark,

I have heard that drivers who lose the sight in one eye can develop a sense of depth of field.

Don't know how exactly. This would be vital for landing.

Maybe a known size 'target' of some sort in the landing zone would help in this case.



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Hi Mark

Ditto to what Alan has said. There are a lot of people that drive with the use of only one eye and manage to deal with the lack of depth perception although I am not sure how! (although I am not a doctor and others may have more info)

The Oxford PMC is based around the Thame area and if you want to give me a call or PM me I will point you in the right direction for training etc.

There is a seperate Forum heading for the local clubs.



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There is no licensing requirement for PPG in the UK so therefore no defined medical requirement to achieve or fall short of. It would seem impossible for anyone to therefore stop you learning to fly a paramotor or restricting your operations in any way imho.

You would be wise to consult an AME (CAA authorised examiner) to ensure that your remaining healthy is functioning correctly (and should remain so) and that you are not colour blind or have any peripheral or other vision problems that would work against your task of safely piloting your paramotor.

The AME will be able to offer an opinion on the subject and offer recommendations of value.

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I know a PG pilot who has only one eye and to compensate for this he has stuck a mirror on the back of his glove, (just like a wing mirror) but he is an experienced pilot, so as Alan says its best to gain the experience while you still have sterio vision. Anything is possible, as they say.

Mike :shock:

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