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Paramotor Harness


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Has any one on this forum got a good quality photo of the Spirit 125 / Backbone paramotor harness or knowledge of the following? I am interested in seeing/ knowing were the anti torque strap is fixed to the harness and how it is routed and buckled up.

I recently bought one of these units that has had this particular strap cut off flush with the main harness support straps. (I can only assume that it was done in an attempt to increase weight shift response!) I would like to refit this strap exactly as the manufacturer intended. There is one reasonable picture in "Paramotoring from the ground up". You can clearly see that the strap crosses the chest and goes from the right side of the chest to the left leg. Can any one advise me if it runs through a loop on the right side of the chest and is cam buckled at the waist? Or if it is fixed to the right side of the chest and buckled to both the left side of the chest and to a strap coming from the left leg?

The Enine on the unit is an air cooled 80cc Vittorazzi. Does any one know if there are common parts used in this unit and other gear reduction drive/ clutch units on the market?

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards


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Hi Fred.

You have come to the right place :D

Until a few months ago I flew the vittorazi 80cc LC, backbone spirit 125.

Unfortunately the pic I have is a little to large to download, so drop me a PM with your email add and ill send it.

As to the routing of the strap. Its attached at 45 deg just above the right hand comfort bar, down to just above the main seat support on the left side.

The buckle used is the same as the other four that hold the harness to the frame. And the strap routes under the main center strap between the comfort bars (last to attach). and is not connected to anything else.

Don't worry about availability I carefully picked mine off the harness when it was no longer required, and its sat in the kitchen cupboard for some reason. :D

As for motor spare parts, don't know :(

But I do have 2 almost complete engines including gearbox/clutch for the 80cc LC version. Its possible the design is very, very similar :D

Colin B

PS. Is yours pink?

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