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Tips for warm hands.


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All, I have posted a similar message a year or so ago... but its that time of year so.....

Here are my tips for warm hands this winter.

A) get decent pair, The Gin winter Alpine gloves in the shop are the ones I use and am happy with.

B) Put your gloves on your dash when driving to the field to warm them up a little.

C) The biggest mistake of all!!!! Make sure that you have WARM HANDS when you put your gloves on. Asking gloves to heat cold hands while flying is a huge ask! Asking them to keep your hands warm is much nicer to your gloves and a fair ask. :-)

D) Just before you get into your kit, with your gloves on, swing your arms around for a good 20-30 seconds as fast as you can to force even warmer blood into your hands. A tip given to me by an SAS officer.

E) When the situation allows during flight, get your hands BELOW your heart, again think (keeping your warm blood flowing to the tips of your fingers.

F) As soon as you start to feel a little bit of cold kicking in, put your hand nice and low, and one finger at a time, wiggle each one for 10 seconds. (its mazing how well this works)

Following the above simple tips will make a world of difference to the time you get in the air before the numb fingers kick in. Try it!


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Heated gloves are great if you remember to keep them charged up.

As soon as they go flat, they tend to be the same as a crap pair of gloves. (unless you spend top doller of course)

And of course, not everyone wants to spend money at the moment. ;-)

On that... If you already have a pair of gloves but you just dont think they are quite doing the job, look out for a pair of silk liners on the bay. They offer around 5c of extra protection and are not expensive.


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could of done with those tips last winter when my hands really did turn blue, so much so I could barely hit the killswitch

BTW, if you have gloves that have a strap to tighten them that goes around the wrist, dont do this strap up too tight and impede your circulation to your hands.

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