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H&E Gearbox- disassembly procedure

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Hope someone can help me- i'm changing the seals on my H&E R80 gearbox. Removed the unit form the machine, removed prop, etc... and the 6 main screws on the casing...... but the prop mounting disk seems well stuck... I've taken out the small screw in the centre of the prop... but thought id ask here before i tried to force anything to move.. I'm presuming it's a spline shaft and will come straight out with a bit more brute force... GD


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I dont know !!!! :?

but it looks nearly the same as a Pap one which Ive had to change the seals on loads of times :cry: first I would say dont force anything ,,,,,,,,on the Pap the casing will come apart if you use a hot air gun to heat the casing around the bearing you carnt see it but its (the one opposite the prop flange) it will then just come apart.......

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Hi Gordon,

Is it the bearing seal your replacing? or the gasket between the two halves of the gearbox?

I know nothing either :D

But if the former, Sounds like the hub and shaft is an interference fit. So...gently Heat the outer rim of the hub with a hot air gun or blow torch and it should pop off with little force. Using if you have one available, a 3 leg gear & pulley extractor (temporarily replace the centre bolt with a longer one)

Or if not, (And I cant wait for the abuse to follow :shock: ) thread 2 long bolts through the hub, use suitable load spreading between the bolts and the gearbox, then evenly tighten to ease the hub away from the shaft while the hub is still hot.

Assuming all goes to plan and new seals are fitted, don't forget to heat the hub again before sliding onto the shaft or it wont seat properly.

oh and wear thick gloves.... :D

Colin B

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