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Is it too gusty? winter advice


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As you know wind speed is something which we all consider before we fly without even thinking about it.

But how many of you consider the variation in that speed, and how do you determin your cut off?

This is just a little something that I tell all new pilots. Its a good rule of thumb when it comes to gusts. (it does not consider thermic activity which of course you must)

If the max gust is more then 50% of the adverage wind speed, it will be a bumpy flight. so for example....

If the wind is 5mph and the max gust is 10mph this should be an OK flight, This factor can be used through the entire window.

3mph adv 6mph gust

4mph adv 8mph gust

5mph adv 10mph gust

6mph adv 12mph gust

Clearly anything less than this variation will also be a great flight (even if the adv wind speed is higher. EG

12mph adv 13mph gust.

The lower the variation in the two speeds, the (smoother) the flight will be (again assuming no thermic activity)

Anyting over this 50% will start to become less fun. EG

5mph adv 13mph gust, it is not that you can not fly in this window just that it wont be as nice as the above examples dispite the low adv speed.

As another little rule, (although sometimes it is very clear that it is a flyable day...) if you are checking the wind speed and gusts do so for 15-20 mins.

Not a pitch but... if you dont have a wind speed meter, the cheep ones which are good... are £30. so maybe a hint to the other half for Christmas.. ;-)

http://www.paramotorclub.org/catalog/pr ... ucts_id/54


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I don't like rough conditions so I watch the wind streamer before a flight. More sensitive than a windsock, the two 'tails' are 2.8 metre lengths of silk ribbon.

If the streamer is fairly straight over its length then it's good. If it is shaped like a serpentine then it's a no go.



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