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Wing classification


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Hi Guys

I am learning on a Arcus medium wing which is a dhv 1-2,

Are all wings categorized in the dhv scale?

What is the rating for a Paramania revo and Fusion?

The Arcus is in very good condition but feels like flying one of me nans old bed sheets! but i havent flown anything else.

Will i find one of the above wings easier to learn on and advance quicker,or am i trying to run before i can walk?

or will i not notice the difference at my level?





Arcus M

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Hi Matt,

I'm in the middle of my training at the moment with Simon Westmore and I have a Paramania Revo 26. The Revolution is supposed to be very stable and forgiving and good to learn on, with the Fusion being a wing for more experienced pilots.

Hope this helps...... :D

Regards, Neil.

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Hi Matt

I started on an Arcus 4 and then moved on to a Revolution.

They are both great wings of similar claasification but quite different.

The main difference from a learners perspective would be the take off and landing speeds and techniques.

Simply stated the Revo is noticeably faster at these times, which could cause problems for a beginner unless they were particularly confident.

There is also the aspect of motor power, the Revo needs more oomph because its going faster.

I'd recommend for these reasons sticking with the Arcus for the mo.

I flew mine for the best part of 2 years before moving up and did some decent cross country flights.

Hope this of help.



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The Arcus is one of the best PG wings for motoring with. Cut your teeth with what you've got for a while and then enjoy the progression after a short while. Some people have only ever flown reflex and don't know how enjoyable it can be to paramotor on a non-reflex wing on the right day. If I could only have one wing though it would have to be reflex.

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Hi there

I'm no expert on Reflex technology, but this guy is:-

http://www.ojovolador.com/eng/read/inte ... /index.htm

In a nutshell though, reflex kicks up the rear of the wing, the speedbar pulls down the front of the wing.

The pilot action required in response to turbulence is different with the two designs.

With a reflex wing, activate the reflex profile by extending the trimmers and take the hands from the brakes.

With a conventional design like the Arcus, get off the speedbar and use the brakes to control the ptich of the wing to keep it over your head.

This is termed active piloting. However. as a learner, I'd avoid conditions that require this.

I must admit I still get the Arcus out for a fly now and then.

For cross country the Revo is the biz, but the Arcus is a lot of fun for floating around and thermalling.



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