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Flying in Lapland


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In Lapland now flying filming reindeers.

Been here for a week, finally flew, due to weather.

Today was -24c. took me 20 mins to start my engine. had to adjust the carb, and add some stuff to stop carb freezing.

I wore a snow mobile suit and a pair of snow boots, and 2 pairs of gloves.

Did a zero wind take off, in 1ft of snow. It was the longest run i have ever done. No lift.

Froze my ass off, and my eyelide froze up.

I spend 40 mins chasing, and hearding reindeer with a snow bike.

We only had 4 hrs of daylight, so had to head back to the cabin at 130pm.

Then we started drinking beers.

I will post some pics and a film from the trip.

Watch this space.


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(mph) Temperature (Celcius)

10 5 0 -5 -10 -15 -20 -25

10 5 -1 -7 -13 -19 -25 -31 -37

20 0 -6 -13 -20 -27 -34 -41 -48

30 -1 -9 -16 -24 -31 -39 -46 -54

40 -2 -10 -18 -26 -34 -41 -49 -57

50 -3 -11 -19 -27 -35 -43 -50 -58

60 -3 -11 -19 -27 -35 -43 -50 -58

70 -3 -10 -18 -26 -34 -42 -50 -57

80 -2 -10 -17 -25 -33 -40 -48 -56

90 -1 -9 -16 -24 -31 -39 -46 -54

The above chart, shows wind chill factor. (in a simple way, not accounting for humidity or height)

So, -20C on the ground.. nil wind, translates to -46 assuming 30mph airflow passing your face.

Or -49 assuming 40mph airflow.


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Just been chatting to Dan in Lapland about operating in the snow herding reindeer. He seems to be having a ball with his pal Olaf who herds them from the air. More pictures to come a little later when the sun goes down up there and they return to the keyboard to warm up.

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Today was a wonderful flight. Did 80 mins of hearding. Moved the deer across the tundra, and worked side by side with a snowmobile.

My throttle hand froze after 40mins, but stuck with it, Then after 80mins turned back.

My takeoff was the hardest takeoff I have done. The take off was again zero wind, but I had no lift. I ran for at least 100m across the snow, and almost gave up. I applied a bit of brake, but that did little. Eventually i got of the ground,and have never been so out of breath.

When flying there appeared to be no wind on my face, which was a strange feeling, as i didnt wear goggle. My eye didn't water.

I have my last days flying tomorrow, Hope its windy,so i have an easy take off.

Now its time to drink beer, and have a saúna.

More to follow.

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