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The Sport and Leasure Aviation Show is on at the NEC this weekend, 24th and 25th.

I will be going up on the 24th staying over night and again on the 25th. I can be found at the Parajet stand.

This is a great time for anyone who is going to wear your Paramotor Club T-shirt. :wink::wink:

Whos going?


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Back from a manic NEC show.

I took 80 cards with me..... I only gave them to people who asked for them after my chat................ I came home with 2 left :D

It is such hard work! you hear people saying " I didnt stop"

Well, I am fairly sure that I didnt stop!

I think the next few months will be BUSY for Lambourn!

Yipppppp flipping Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also LOADS ( I have to count them LOL ) of taster days.....

It was good to see some of the faces from the forum..... Giles (Parajet MD) had a few people wanting pictures (ref Everest) and could not work out how I had about 100 odd people coming over asking if I was Simon and shaking my hand!

Thanks to all of you.....Its quite overwhelming when the little number at the bottom of the screen that says 200 or so members, turns into hand shakes!

I will sleep well tonight, Dentist in the morn, in field by 11:30 (when its a little warmer )


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Hi Simon, Glad the Parajet stand went well, pity the Splash event wasn't as big as in the past at Telford. Hopefully some of the organisers might take note and change the venue for 2008.

Anyway should be down for a bit of flying Monday, hopefully get to the field about same time as you 1130 - 1200ish.

Regards Mike

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Nice to meet you Simon, would have chatted longer but you appeared to be doing well with enquiries so I let you get on with it!

Nice show but I begrudge paying (and for the Mrs who was bored shitless after 5 minutes and buggered off shopping) to look at things that people want to sell me, always winds me up hat does but it certainly isn't unique to this show!

Roll on the spring!

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It is a great sadness that like diving, GA, horse riding and just about every other persuit, the commercial interests become paramount. They all want to sell us something but in truth, without sales there is no support and without support any organisation has no life. It would be great though if sometimes they (the sellers) didn't do a little more to amaze and entertain at these events like say Red Bull? That makes for more of an exciting transaction doesn't it?

Yes, I know -


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