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I can have most of this on my phone but due to the small screen Im looking for something a little bigger (yes I know wear your glasses, even with them some things are still hard to see)

I am thinking of buying a netbook and need some advise from the ones in the know.

Ideally this is what I would like to do with it(yes I know Im hoping but you never know.

Use it to access the internet

wi fi.

usb modem to my Blackberry.

Good battery life (min 4-5hours)

7-10 inch screen max

Display on an external monitor (if possible)

To Run

Memory map

XC Soar (in flight)

Sat nav software (gps will probably be with a usb stick)

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Pete - it all depends on how urgently you need a NetBook.

If you can hold off for a couple of months, the Netbook market is about to diverge significantly.

At the budget end, the price of Netbooks are about to drop significantly with the introduction of the Tegra-powered units.

At the higher end, more powerful units are just coming onto market with similar form factor - such as the amazing Nokia 3G Booklet :

[ Further info added below]

Internet Access - YES

Wi fi - YES

usb modem to my Blackberry. - YES, But will you still want your Blackberry? :wink:

Good battery life (min 4-5hours) - 12 HOURS !!!

7-10 inch screen max - 10.1" (1280 x 720 px)

Display ext monitor (if possible) - HDMI

To Run Software - Anything that runs on Windows 7

gps probably via usb stick - GPS Built in !

PLUS - Acceleromator Built in

Check out the promo videos on the link page above - which gives some idea of just how this new generation of NetBooks is streets ahead of predecessors.

There again, last generation NetBooks will be cheaper if that better suits your needs.


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Hi Pete,

after Christmas - the sales will bring bounty no doubt.

some netbooks last an amazing 9 hrs.

make sure you buy one with the following

1. Stated 6 hours or more battery = 3.5 in full power mode

2. GPS they will all have it soon

3. blutooth

4. the all have wifi

5. HDMI connectors for your flat screen tele output

6. Very important running windows 7. its much faster than vista and XP even. but it will run everything.

7. Very important reviewed with an amazing screen Viewable in direct sunlight- you are likely to be able to see F*&K all in direct sunlight thus relagating the device to performing late night favours. which is not all bad. woof.

8. Optional flame retardant exterior :D

Consider going solid state. The Hard drive can't then fail if you should happen upon a tree whilst flying.

I hope this helps.


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Hi Pete.

I'm not sure what's currently available but I have had a Samsung NC10 for nearly a year and love it! With anything computer based I am resigned to the fact that there will always be something better coming out next week/month/year! If I need a bit of kit and am happy with the current price and capability of the existing unit then I just go for it.

I use it as my main PC for work and play and can honestly say that I don't miss anything from previous full size laptops or PC's.

With it's small size/weight and the 3G dongle it lives in my briefcase and goes everywhere that I do (although the recently acquired iPhone has started to take over a bit!)

The only thing which it doesn't have onboard is a DVD drive but I

just use a slimline usb one on the rare occasion that it's required.

Good luck!


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Agree with Ian and Craig - that Samsung NC10 is a great current option, having won a number of PC industry awards and topped a load of Netbook reviews.

But not sure whether it is still widely available (following launch of more expensive NC20), or whether you can now get it with Win7 (rather than with Vista).


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Thank you all for your comments,I have been looking at the NC10 and it does look the best out there.

It has windows XP on it but you can put windows 7 on it (Vista slows it down a lot)

the NC 20 and NC 30 are more or less the same spec so its not worth the extra cost.

I think it will be the NC10 so I just have to find the cheapest price now, the lowest so far is about £244 from dixons/ currys ect.

Unless you know better??

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Good to hear that you have managed to get your paws on the Samsung Pete - and great price !

Would be interested to hear how you get on with the Satnav software search...


There is quite a few out there but it is finding out which ones the best.

just type sat nav for pc or laptop.

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ps sat in the car using my phone as a modem :D:D

Dude, I have a spare warm room and hot water, open fire, food and so on.

You should have said sooner ;-)


She let me back in as long as I take her a cup of tea up in the morning, but thanks for the offer :D

she dosent know yet but Im getting up at 5am and waking her up :lol:

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