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PPG for the very lightweight pilot?


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My girlfriend weighs in at about 47kg. (104lbs) We went to a HG school this past summer and had a blast but she struggled due to her lightweight. The hangglider was simply not responding to what she was doing.

I have been interested in PPG and if it is somthing we can do together, all the better.

Can anyone suggest the best motors being offered right now for the super lightweight pilot.

What kind of challenges is she going to have being so light, and how hard are they to overcome?

Thank you

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I have an H&E R120/99 This is for a lightweight pilot- upto 70ks.... but may be on the heavy side for her.. at 29kgs. It's also important to have a small cage/prop, to maximise ground clearance. I'd say the best option would be to check the Miniplane range, and see if they do anything smaller than a 115cm prop/cage.. these are by far the lightest paramotors on the market right now- weighing in at around 19kgs


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Just bear in mind that the PAP frame (1400 size) with a Top80 is 25% heavier in actual measured weight than a similar Miniplane with the same engine. This disparity is probably the same when comparing the small cage versions. Bearing in mind you don't yet know if she'll persue the sport and she is very light weight you could save yourself a packet by getting a Rad MXL or similar second hand.

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