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PPG in Croatia

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I don't want to 'beat up on you' friend but we are seeing lots of videos like these as the sport matures. Yes, low flying like this is a buzz but... it is illegal.

By posting this here and particularly by posting your name on it you are providing all the evidence that the police would need to prosecute you.

The Rules of the air may be different in Croatia but you can bet they have rules that are broadly similar to the rest of Europe.

Some day someone you know is going to eviscerate or decapitate themselves on the unseen wire or seriously injure or kill an innocent bystander. That is not smart, it is reckless and criminal activity which will attract little mercy and howls of opposition from an already noise sensitive public.

Please don't wave your willie at the crowd here guys, it transmits the wrong message. Why not be a responsible aviator - do something imaginative and..... LEGAL.

'Saint' takes his halo off and climbs back in his box.

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It (the halo) is carefully camouflaged under a poncho of Klutzery.

I am assuredly no saint but one of the benefits of living through a few close calls and attending a couple of funerals puts a sharp edge on ones perceptions. I am sure we must all agree that unless we look after and steer this sport by responsible actions we will see it reduced by ridicule and righteous assault from those who tend their Parish meetings and peep through twitching curtains.

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Thank you for your good advice Norman!!

In the future I will looked at the height, but also to myself and others!

In Croatia the laws are not so strict to the low height, and people love us despite the noise of engines!

It is a beautiful country to fly where people respect the PPG pilots (there are only 10-15 of us who fly across the country)!

By from Croatia

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It isn't much of a welcome to jump down your throat after your first post, please forgive me.

We have a big problem here with the acceptance of paramotors and a bigger one brewing if engage in illegal low flying. I am pleased to hear that you guys don't and that they love to hear you buzz across their rooftops. Sounds like hooligan heaven.

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Video from Croatian PPG!


Hi Kbelcar

That is some great quality video of lovely countryside - and perfect flying weather.

Seeing the hay bales on the tractors took me back to my childhood...

Thanks for sharing with us, and please keep posting your PPG adventures - albeit from 500ft higher as mentioned by Norman :lol:


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Camera is Canon HV-30 http://hv20.com/
A great award winning camera !
Video software for exporting is Sony Vegas Pro 9 http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/vegaspro
Not heard of that one
When I fly the camera is on my knees, no vibration, good stabilization!
Interesting - but certainly seems to work well.

Anyway look forward to seeing more great videos from you in the future... :D


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