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Time to test fly.


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I have been doing some thinking.....

I have had my Fusion now for a year, and I have flewn it in some amazing places. I have loved it to bits and still do.


As not to get stuck in a rut... I have decided, that I am going to change my wing each year from now on.

Now I am toying with......

I love the look of the Ozone Viper 2, and the type of flying it seems to encorage. Has anyone got one I can have a go on?.....

The other option of course is the nuc, but I do want to be a little 'different'? Again, I would like a go on one.

This will of course mean that my beloved 23 Fusion will be up for grabs very soon. :-)

Please don't read into this, I used to do the same with my motorbikes, (you can ask my wife LOL!)

Variety is the spice of life! :D


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