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CP paraglider considering conversion

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Hi all,

Recently qualified hill paraglider seriously tempted with motoring. A couple of questions:

1. I purposefully bought the new Swing Arcus 5.26 as apparently the Arcus 4 had already been certified for motoring so I thought the 5 would be too eventually (I think you fit "power risers" or something). Could someone let me know if this is regarded as a good/safe motoring wing (I love it so far on the hill)?

2. I'm a total newbie but I like the look of the Parajets mainly because they seem more compact, are made solely for motoring (ie not a converted lawn mower engine etc). Am I just saying this because they are better marketed or are they really viewed as the best available?

3. What is the main gist of the training, is it mainly ground handling followed by a few circuits or do you need to do lots of big flights to get qualified? Assuming I'm a competent CP should 2 days see me trained?

4. Finally schools, any recommendations?. I'm in Cheshire but I may be learning with a mate in London. We trained together at a PG school in the north so he may insist on learning motoring down his neck of the woods!

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Fellow Arcus Flyer :D

My opinions and views for what they are worth:-

I learned on a swing Arcus 2. I bought the power risers for it and flew it with a PAP1300. It was absolutely BRILLIANT. Assuming they have not radically changed the design you will find it a perfect free flight wing and also a very good PPG wing.

The power risers are simply a set of replacement risers that have the ability to let the rear two riser sets extend a little. This makes the airfoil section flatter at the rear 1/3 and the wing flies a bit faster. the angle of attack is reduced but not in the same way as putting on the speed bar.

I was advised to use either the tabs (power riser trimmers) or the speed bar but never both together for fear of front tuck. In practise I found that I could use both to fullest extent in quite rough air without any loss of stability.

The only time I had a major event was flying at trim speed !!! (it was above a very big mountain)

I was advised to buy a wing that I was in the middle of the weight range and so when paramotoring I was at or just above the top weight on the placard I think Iwas 5 or 6 kg over).

I found that nil wind landings were fast but if you come in fast (hands high) and then use that energy to flare it was not a problem, just needed timing.

I now fly a parajet and find them very compact and powerful. The biggest advantage by far is that they are made in the UK so any little thing that you need you can get within hours. Their after sales service is excellent. Many of the components are manufactured from solid aluminium CNC'd, rather than bits welded together, and the frame is curved and of profiled tube so it looks so much more than the scrap heap challenge that some motors remind you of.

Training is a big issue at present!!! THE most important is that you are confident in the person training you and you are not getting ripped off.

There are three main providers the BHPA the BMAA and "independent trainers".

I would like to be able to say that one is best and the other two are rubbish but in reality there are some very good BHPA and BMAA and independent trainers and there are some very bad ones in each category.

Some are bad because they are poor instructors and some are bad because they take your money (quite a lot) and dont give you the training. Stories of being told there is no training today for paramotor because we are training hill pilots today or the weather looks dodgey come back next week, when it is plain that an hour in the morning or evening is perfectly possible.

Many competent CPs have taught themselves to Paramotor. The Lambourn Club has members who have trained with the BHPA, the BMAA, Independent trainers and Self Taught. The Lambourn club seems to be unique in that it does not discriminate between these pilots but seeks to coach and help anyone with an interest in Paramotoring, I really like that attitude.

If you are a CP of free flight PG you were probably trained at a BHPA school? If so you might find that a BHPA conversion is your best course as it will provide you with insurance cover for the same anual subscription you already pay for your freeflight membership and you can fly abroad in the EU with little or no hassle. To get that endorsement on your CP license you will need to register with the BHPA as a Pilot under Training http://www.bhpa.co.uk/pdf/FLPA_Reg_Form.pdf (even if you have not yet booked a course) they will send you a pack and the sylabus http://www.bhpa.co.uk/pdf/FLPA_Training_Syllabus.pdf

You wil then need to learn to paramotor (however you decide to do that - see above) and then get a Senior power coach to sign you off and sit you the exam. (if you choose a BHPA trainer that is usually part of the course fee) You can find a list of BHPA training school on the BHPA website.

Senior Power Coaches for paramotor are few and far between but if a club has one on its membership then he/she can sign off paramotor endorsements to CP licenses whoever they trained with.

I dont think the Lambourn Club has a BHPA senior Power Coach in its membership yet, but it is only a matter of time I suspect :wink:

Anyone else got any trainers they would recommend to ArcusFlyer?????


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Just a means to an end I think to get Arcus Flyer to his goal. Not the only way. You could train Arcus Flyer at Lambourn couldn't you Simon? I hear your training programme is pretty comprehensive and increasingly well thought of by the PPG community. Anyone been trained by Simon? Would you recommend him to Arcus Flyer?

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I am not dissing your post or its content,

Well Except for the Super Hero Power Coach bit. thats all matey :D I wont tell anyone if you are but...... are you one? Shuuuuuuu,,,,,,,,

Intrestingly, I have taught 8 BHPA members how to Paramotor so far this year, got another next week.

I am of course though more than happy teach you. :D:D

See training blogs for info :D


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Hey Francis,

Thanks for all the great detail, much appreciated. There's a whole bunch of us who came through hill CP together and most of us are interested. Those days sat on the hill when there's not enough wind to soar really makes it a temping alternative.

I'll get back if I think of any more Q's.


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I did my first few flights on a Swing Arcus but without the power risers. I am not a free flyer so I had nothing to compare it to but I found it a very nice wing to discover paramotoring on. I seem to remember it requiring a fair bit of brake input to prevent torque steer but then that was before I discovered the joy of weightshift.

There are many people that like the structure of the BHPA organisation and the benefits that gives but fortunately there are other options for those that do not. Each to their own.

If you end up down London way let us know where you are going to be and maybe some of us locals can come and join you.

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Hey ArcusFlyer,

We are from different worlds but in a similar position. You sound as though you are prepared to pay a reasonable price for what you need and value the benefit of quality instruction. Paying for the mediocre from the indifferent has always gripped my lower intestine. The good news is that Simon, despite being a tad ugly and blessed with a dubious sense of humor, is an excellent instructor and has a firm grip on the first two sentences and a fine appreciation of the third.

You will find none of the foolish prejudice that exists elsewhere here, quiet the reverse - they even let me join. smashsmall.jpg:lol::lol::lol::lol:

The rest is bubble-bath! Join in!


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