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Displaying GPS tracks.


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Motion Based is a free service owned by Garmin that enables you to display your GPS tracks in plan and elevation and do other clever stuff. You can create your own account or use ours to upload your tracks. There are changes coming to Motion Based - it is due to morph itself into Garmin Connect soon.

Motion Based Forum

Motion Based 'Wiki' for a Manual and the technically minded.

If you fancy logging your tracks on our page.


User: Paramotorclub1

Password: pm me for PW. This move is to attenuate/stop potential vandalism.

Go on, go on, go on, go on.... :lol: Have a play and upload yours!

Just look to the Upload tab at the top of the page and press it.

You will need to download an 'agent' to make your browser able to interact with Motion Based but it takes just a few moments to sort.

Let us know here how you get on please ~~ :)

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Hi Norman,

I also use this FREE site and software as a perfect reminder of happy trips and a simple way of sharing them on a map.

My tracks http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/user/watworld are from the cheapish garmin forerunner wrist watch. It is small enough to take on different activities, the screen size isn't a problem as I usually only look at it when I'm back home.

To encourage you to subscribe, the free version will only show you the last 10 tracks when you are logged in, but luckily if you go to the index without logging in, you can see them all :lol:

Looking at my index format, yours is http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/user/paramotorclub1



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Norman - Many thanks for this link.

I know, I'm not using it for any of my flights YET, but we did a 9 mile walk around Castle Combe on the weekend and had a go uploading the tracks to the site.

Excellent and very easy to use – just the mind was wondering about how it would view like next year with all the XC trips – lovely.

Simon - Recording all the guys’ trips and club outings on a separate folder would be great viewing.

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