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Apco Thrust HP (Reflex) paramotor wing


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The last Apco Thrust (PPG) was well known for its passive safety, collapse resistance, and welll..... being a bit slow to be honest.

I have recently been made aware of the 'HP' version ( I assume this stands for High Performance ) It also features a Stall Recovery System which is what I want to fly one for, I am trying to get hold of one for a play... is it as good as the Dudeks, Paramanias, Ozone?

I hope that this will find a place in the new pilot market for people who are trying to buy on a tighter budget, read more below about this possible quite exciting wing.

The Thrust HP project mission was to combine the advantages of the Thrust in low speeds with the latest Reflex profile technology in high speeds to yield a specialized paramotor wing that would offer true high performance yet retain the friendliness and safety of the Thrust.

The Thrust HP employs a unique patent-pending Automatic Stall Recovery System (SRS) that allows the pilot fly and launch at amazingly low speed despite the high wing loading. It prevents the wing and pilot from stalling at critical angle of attacks and aids in automatic recovery in case of a stall.

New refreshing top surface designs and features such as the SRS, HIT valves , Flexon battens, Swivels and Neodymium magnets examplify APCO's uncompromising attention to detail. The Thrust HP is a versatile high performance paramotor wing for pilots who wish to stretch their flight envelope and keep their smile in the air.

Thrust HP - When there's a need for speed


* Diagonal rib structure - exclusive to APCO

* Split A riser

* All metal parts Stainless Steel or Aluminium

* Eliptical planform

* Butt Holes

* Heavy-duty Superaramide® lines

* Heavy-duty Swivels on brake handles

* Integral, built-in, Neodymium brake magnets

* HIT valve equipped on L/E ... find out more »

* SRS® - APCO exclusive Stall Recovery System more »

* Extended speed range: 23 to 60+ km/h

* Improved fuel economy due to minimal sink

* Reflex airfoil for improved high-speed performance

* Easy inflation, launch and landing

* Friendly high performance wing

* Built-in passive safety

* Universal riser + accelerator and trimmers to fit any paramotor frame

* New top surface color design – fresh and attractive

* Flexon™ battens


Small Medium

Product Code 17100 17200

Cells 41 42

Area [m2] 26.2 27.5

Area (projected) [m2] 22.2 23.5

Span [m] 11.3 11.6

Span (projected) [m] 9.05 9.35

Aspect Ratio 4.87 4.90

Aspect Ratio (projected) 3.69 3.72

Pilot Weight (all up + paramotor unit) [kg] 70-140 100-165

Canopy Weight [kg] 6.3 6.5

Tip Chord [m] 0.58 0.58

Length of Lines on B [m] 6.4 6.6

Total Length of Lines [m] 399 407


Size Certification Type

Thrust HP S New CEN

Thrust HP M Paramotor AFNOR / CEN


V-trim off [km/h] 45-47

V-max [km/h] 60+

optimal wing loading 1.2


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Hello all.

I fly a medium thrust HP (HP = high performance) having swapped a normal thrust for it. I think it is a fantastic wing, easy launch, light and responsive and the quality is second to none. It will sit above your head at walking speed in 3mph winds. I tried the Paramania revolution to compare. There wasn't much in it to choose between the two. The Paramania may be 3mph faster in the air, but one had to run alot faster in nil wind to launch & the APCO has a slower landing. I also found the climb rate of the APCO was much better and it didn't require pulling brake to gain lift. The Paramania did require a degree of brake input in nil winds comparatively speaking.

I agree it is perhaps not the best first wing but a fantastic intermidate/advanced wing.

Oh its cheaper than the Paramaina too, but that wasn't my main consideration. I do think both the Paramania and the APCO are the creme de la creme.

For info I am 13st or 80kg (ish).

Parajet simon

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I fly regurly fly with Stuart who has a Paramania. (it was his I tried). He has follwed me and tells me he wasn't gaining on me and visa versa.... He flies with a GPS and I would say the guide figures aren't far out. (santas bringing mine - there's another thread, best or recommended GPS system). I dont know about tip steering, I don't have them because weight shift is sufficent to turn it nicely if its on full trim. I would still say though that Stuarts is faster, but he is heavier than me and that is significant when considering ground speed.

Interesting to look at the Paramina and Thrust HP tech spec side by side. They are very close, both manuals can be downloaded.

Another advantage of the APCO, it has dual hook in for high/low hang points, extendable brake guides for high hang points, and a neat anti stall device. They come with a 3 year warranty aswell.

I had one on demo and after 10 hours I still loved it, thats why I bought one.

The only others I have tried are Ozone...... they are great if you are jumping off hills...... least said.

Parajet simon

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It is not unlike Paramania to fly 'heavy' on there wings to make them a little faster (Just ask Norman Mr 100mph LOL) , to be fair if you fly just about any wing heavy it will fly faster as you correctly pointed out and as per Principles of Flight.

I am quite excited about the Apco HP and having a blat on it, I think that this will be my first 'Public' review of a bit of kit that I have never seen and or touched.


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I am now a dealer for the Apco range of kit as well! :D My main area of interest is the Thrust and the Thrust HP. Althogh still not had the time to fly the (HP)

I will get on the case a little more now.


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Hi All,

I have a couple of HP's on loan to me at the moment :D and last night I flew the medium.

I had a good look round the wing, very well made, and light at approx 6Kg.

The risers were well labelled, the brake magnets strong and the tip steering toggles looked great. I was quite intrigued by the flexon battons in the leading edge.

I like the concept of the Hit Valves at lower angles of attack and the Stall Recovery System.

The winds were about 3-4mph so quite light, so a forward launch was in order, the wing came up so easily it was amazing, hardly any effort was needed at all. At walking speed it stayed above my head. WOW! :shock: very impressive!

A good squeeze on the throttle and away we went, a great rate of climb and after a couple of minutes I was at 900 ft.

I landed the brakes and played with the tip steering, very responsive, safe and did not give me a moments worry. :!:

I was flying with Andy who was on an Action, and on fast trim we were pretty evenly matched, then he used his speed bar and pulled away.

I wasn't flying with a speed bar as I had not set it up before the flight, so it will be interesting to see how it performs when I do.

I was thoroughly impressed with the Apco Thrust HP, and I have flown a few wings although not a Revolution or Synthesis, so I cant directly compare, but price wise its definitely a winner :!:

I think the only couple of downsides were:

1: Flexon Battons and stuff sacks, could they be deformed? why can the manufacturers supply a better bag for them?

2: Labelling on the wing was a little confusing compared to the manual.

3: Although the magnets holding the Brakes are strong, I wish the manufacturers would tie off the Brakes in a way so that they would not flap around if they were ever to be knocked off the magnets.

just my 2p worth, and I cant wait to fly it again.


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HI All,

I have an update for you.

I was contacted by the agent for Thrust last night to discuss my posting.

He assured me that the flexon battens in the leading edge are virtually impossible to deform, actually the mylar in most other wings will become deformed and loose their shape before the battens.

Also by using battens in the leading edge they have saved over 1/2 Kg in weight.

I'm still looking forward to flying it again with the speed bar this time and I'll let you know how that goes.



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