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Repair or send away damaged wing,


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It would appear that when I had my 'mishap' a part of the propellor must have gone through the wing as the pictures show:



I have the repair kit that came with the wing and the damage is on the tail almost central.

The outside braiding is intact but it will be difficult to stick the patch (tape) near it!

Would it be okay to repair or best to send it to the loft or Aerofix?

Opinions please



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To be honest, it is unlikely. I have spoken to them and the 'problem' if you can call it that is they are already nice and busy and a small business.

I think they win on service listening to people here, and I have to say I have had great servicce from then also.

Preferd supplier list would be more so that people dont send props of for 6 weeks + and so on....


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