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Kempsey; please read if you fly in Worc's


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I flew from the Turf Farm (Kite Field) in Kempsey on Saturday, when I landed I had a chat with the lad who works in the Kite shop. He told me that a Paramotor had flown over the Turf Farm very low (below tree height) then followed the tree line before turning right and flying very low over the houses nearby. This obviously resulted in a complaint from the people in the houses.

Flying from Kempsey is on a trial basis at the moment and is subject to some rules. A particular rule is not to overfly the houses, no low flying at all and unless unsafe to do so engine off from 1000' prior to landing. You have to have a membership card to fly and these are already taken, if complaints and incidents remain low then this may be extended in the future. These rules are there to try to protect the use of the field and also to protect what is already an established business that relies on the use of the field.

The above would not of been known to the pilot in question but - FFS - whilst an excuse could be made for low flying over the field there is absolutely no excuse for low flying over someone's property.

There has been a steady influx of problems to do with paramotoring lately, this can not be good. Surely we all have a duty to behave in a sensible way and not cause problems that may impede future enjoyment of our sport/Hobby. Low flying in my opinion should only be practised where permission exists and it is known that nuisance will not be caused.

I am certainly no saint and have done a couple of things that afterwards I have considered to be foolish, rude and selfish. I will be considering my actions very carefully in the future and hope that other pilots behave in a similar manner to protect the rights that we are very lucky to have.


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Hi Dan, I went down to Malvern on a long XC Saturday morning, I never saw anyone else in the air! I passed the turf farm about a mile away but I was over 1500'

Ended up having to do my first out landing in Upton Snodsbury as i'd forgotten to turn the fuel tank breather tap on and sucked the tank in. Managed and hour and a quarter like that before it starved of fuel!

never mind no damage done....except my pride.

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Hi Phill

How was Annecy?

I didn't get in the air untill after 12:00 on Saturday. Would of been good to of joined you. Shame you landed out but at least you'll be checking the breather in future!! is the tank OK? Did you get back OK? allways worth a call if you land out in Worc's, I may of been able to pick you up on my way to the field.


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