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Tempest Rally


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The first driver is demonstrating a poor driving technique over the "yump",

The second car in the air is showing a better driving technique by making the car fly flat.

The technique is always shown to good effect on the 1000 lakes rally. It's similar to a skier "pre-jumping" a jump or terrain change.


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To be fair mate,

They are great pics, and Rally drivers are in with the fastest thinking of them all.

To dis there driving I mean come on........ Royal Close protection drivers go on Rally courses!


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I agree they are good, the majority I worked with are excellent.

There is finesse in taking a yump fast which makes the difference between damaging the car and finishing high up the order. The problem with working so long in the industry (being chief designer on 3 rally cars alongside some Paris-Dakar work) is that the detail catches your eyes. It no longer becomes so entertaining when you automatically analyse the vehicles performance.

I have also had the dubious pleasure of being taken round a gravel rally stage by our works driver in a works rally car. It was scary and noisy and bl**dy quick. Mind you the tyres were completely ragged after 5Km of stage.

The pictures are fantastic.

From Entry List

5 Martyn England Ian England Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 RS

43 Daniel Siguroarson Izak Guojonsson Mitsubishi Evo 7

From Retirements

5 Martyn England/Ian England Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 RS 6 Rolled SS5

43 Daniel Siguroarson/Izak Guojonsson Mitsubishi Evo 7 5 Retired - OTL

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