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illegal low-flying in Oxon?


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To the pilot that flies at about 100' over villages east of Oxford and north of RAF Benson, have a word with yourself! It's not safe, it's not clever, it's illegal and you look stupid. People like you will force the introduction of wing numbers, which is a good thing, and other regulations and restrictions. Perhaps a big red "L" on your pale yellow wing would be more appropriate. Grow up.

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A couple of points here. Firstly, if you want to make a point to flyers in Oxfordshire we have our own section.

Secondly, I do not respond to people who come on the forum criticising when they are not prepared to put their own location on their signature.

As a matter of interest I fly East of Oxford and North of Benson along with 6 or 7 other pilots and none of us have a yellow wing.

However, the wing you mentioned was seen by Ady on Saturday as he was driving home and I would also like to find out who it is as it will affect me and the others if he is being 'stupid'.

I am aware of most of the flyers in the area and I am pretty sure this one isn't on this forum, although there are some 'ex PMC forum pilots that fly from the local area.

If he is seen we will attempt to track him down and have a word.

Sorry to be a bit 'sharp' but we are trying via the PMC to make this sport safer and I don't want people to think that we would be that stupid. Our LFPs at the local field do not allow flying over villages at all , and definitely not under 1000ft.

Lets all work together to stop people like this ruining our sport




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Just out of interest, i fly a blue and yellow wing around that area. HOWEVER, I can assure you that I have NEVER flown over any village or other built up area, especialy at that hieght. The ONLY time I will fly at that altitude is on climb out or landing. I have also only ever flown from there twice!

Also on Sat i was not flying that wing, i was on an all blue wing.

The reason for my post is just really to say i am pretty sure you were not refering to me however just incase i get spotted and "tracked down" for a word, I just wanted to let you know I am not stupid, reckless or careless when flying.

A better idea of the location of the spot or the name of the village flown over would probably help also.

Sorry if this post comes across as snappy or with a bad attitude that is not my intent, i can just see someone spotting me one day and assuming i am an idiot!



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OOOP's :oops:

Now i feel like a true idiot!

That'll teach me for not paying attention! Just when i seen the wing colour i thought, oh i better let them know it's not me before i get spotted in the area!

Sorry for jumping in! :oops:



Thanks for the offer i would be up for that, could mabey fly up to your site one day from our place to meet you, or just come to you guys for a chat and a flight!

Thanks again,


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