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Doesn't happen every day !


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Had a phone call from a good mate at 9 pm tonight. Said get yer arse down yer mate (local pub) Got 4 fellas at the bar flying them things you fly, but from John O' groats to lands End.

So I jumped in the car and popped down to meet Henry Glasse, John Caston and tother 2 who's names escape me (sorry boys) and had a pint with them. They made Manchester to Mid Devon today ! Pretty good stretch I reckon, and started at JOG on Sunday. Lands End tomorrow perhaps ? Good luck chaps and safe trip.


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Well that explains a lot.

My wife phoned me the other day saying two paramotors had just flown over our house heading west. With very few paramotorists here in Cornwall I wondered who it was.


No fun when its too easy tho. You need to try it in the worst weather (wettest summer) on record!!! :roll:

Whitters. :D:dive:

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During my recent trip to Penzance, I watched 4 Paramotor pilots head up the west, my dad recons it's just that no one wants to fly with you. LOL

They ARE there though, so who are you.....??? were you flying north west on Friday at about 11:20 hrs.??


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