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Paramotor Height Record attempt


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As you all know,

Giles Cordozo and Bear Grills have recently flown the Super Charged everest motor in an attempt to break the world Paramotor Altitude Record at everest itslef.

What you may not know,

In the USA on Friday the Discovery channel (USA) will be showing the documentary filmed at this event. (we have to wait another month or so :(:( ) Unless you have this on your sky, in which case we are all coming round to your house.

I hope this puts a turd in the mouths of the people who think they did not break the record to shut them up for a while.


Cant wait to see it in the UK!


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Had a chat with Gilo before I came out on this trip.

Both talking to him and reading his article convinces me of two things. The altitude record will be theirs shortly and it will take a gargantuan effort to take it from them any time soon. Gilo has been to 20K already and the rest will soon be history.

I have seen a photo that shows the horizon line behind Everest. What does that tell you? All this talk of fudge and deceit is tosh, Cardoza and Grlls are both men of very high integrity and would not claim to have done something they didn't. NOBODY is allowed to fly directly over Everest because the Chinese expressly forbid it. To do so would be folly anyway as the winds encounters near and above the peak could make for a quick return to earth and an eternity wrapped in rip-stop nylon.

Watch Parajet with interest, you might just see a little history being made on your doorstep. imho


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Bear and Giles are both 100% gen up blokes.

I too am 1000% (not a typo) convinced the altitude record is smashed!

This entire event is great news for Paramotoring in general not just Bear and Parajet. Although I am told Parajet did have one or two probs on the way, its the end result that matters.....

Why do we always have to wait an extra month or two....... gruuuu... it was a British record but the USA still see it first!


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YouTube only allow files up to 100MBytes and 10 minutes. This thing is going to be much larger and longer.

I'll split it if I get time but I have to move the kitchen into the garage this weekend. The builders are going to take out the wall on Monday and my good lady has pointed out that if I don't move the cooker I'm not getting fed next week!

Spouse maintenance - an important part of flying. :wink:


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