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7th - 8th June NEWBIE DAY

admin (Simon W)

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It is now clear to me that I need to hold a day aimed at people who are in 'just about to go for it mode' so I would like to hold a day aimed at the newbies. And I would like to use the site for people with 10 hours or less for helping with ground handling, launching, landing weather, Air law.... blah blah....

It will be a day for -10 hours pilots and non- flyers to ask loads of questions and get a wing above there head. So if you one of the people above please let me know if your coming.

I would say that it would be fair for me to charge a £10 a head for this day, :D

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Hi Simon,

Ok I can take a hint and invest the tenner :? . Might not make it those particular dates as I'm hoping to be in the Isle of Man watching the TT and maybe getting some flying in as well.

I'll be at the party by the pond at the end of the month though and some landing coatching would'nt go amiss :oops: . if poss.

By the way if anyone else wants to come along to the Isle of Man I plan to travel up to haysham dump the car and go as a walk on passanger on the ferry with all the kit then camp and fly and watch the racing for the next 6 days or so. Your more than welcome just drop me an E-mail and we can work out a plan.

I still need to check out the flying situation as I'm sure there will be a NOTAMS in place during the period for the emergency chopper but need details of how far reaching it is.

Cheers Col......

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