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VX7r - the truth


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There are several models of the VX-7r, USA. with 220 MHz, and the others.

AND, the VX-7r is based on the JDF-6, a Japanese MILITARY radio.

The JDF-6 comes in "short" and "standard".

Both have 5 tuned bands, as opposed to the 3 (USA) and 2 (everywhere else).

This is a hardware issue, the JDF-6 has 5 actual tuned sections.

But, the JDF-6 can transmit down to 24 MHz.

And, yes, 136 MHz is the limit for AM for the non-USA VX-7r.

40 to 239 MHz and 300 to 556 MHz.

But, the JDF-6 does 24 to 556 MHz, no gaps, AM or FM.

The differences are in the RF board, and the driver and final transistors.

Although the boards are the same size, and one can put a JDF-6 board into a VX-7r, they are NOT the same, the VX-7r board does not have the traces for the added parts.

Thank you.

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