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Finally up ,up and away!!!


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Well I had a peachy flight this morning at about 8am.

For the first time on my Revolution which I have had for just over a year but never flown. I only ever flew on my Dudek Nemo which my instructor recommended I flew on.

The Nemo has fantastic 'nil wind' capabilities and I felt nice and confident with it all the time.................but after having over 10 hours on it I just wanted to jump onto the Revolution.

Yesterday morning was spot on so all the kit was packed and I intended to fly the Revolution for the first time.

My chosen field is ok as long as the wind is a SSW you then have a chance to take off with the rather large pylons on your left hand side.

Unfortunately,the wind was more SSE and that meant taking off directly at the pylons and then hoping to clear them or turn sharp right to complete your climb cross wind?! Gulp!!

The field is large and is used Sundays for boot fairs and I have permission to fly from it. But it was a no.no - the wind didnt budge!!! Bugger. I just played with the Revolution in my training harness.

This morning was spot on. I flew from my regular horse field next to the golf course. I prepped and got everything laid out ready for the launch..........one last piss in the bushes (the adrenaline was pumping) I was still questioning my self, should I shouldnt I? Should I just get the Nemo out?!

The trimmers were set to take off (hope thats right?).............reverse launch and a few steps I was up there!!!!!! Text book stuff!

What was I worried about? Sorted I thought? Oh no sound all too easy!!!!!!

As I was climbing I was being forced slightly to my left and over compensated with my right brake.................all going well and I slipped into my seat...........................then the engine cut out!!!!!

''kin brilliant!!!! I quickly scoured ahead looking for somewhere to land out and also at the same time grabbed the pull-start and placed it in the foot stirrup(PAP Ros 125)........one kick and the engine came back to life - phew!! I didnt think I would have enough time to start the engine as well as preparing for an emergency landing..........I was about 80feet up! I sometimes forget to put the starp on (now part of my pre-flight check)

Cause - as I was fiddling to get into the seat I was easing off the power, adding power and easing off without knowing it, being so preoccupied with getting my rear end in the seat.

Ok drama over and done with, I'm up there.................brilliant!

The brakes are very responsive left and right and I really liked the response you get!

I started to climb to about 900 feet and flew about with no particular goal. I thought I would stay up for around 40 minutes, usually I fly for an hour with my Nemo, but I wanted to see how much fuel was used.

I then placed the brakes in their keepers and turned my attention to the tip steering and gently gave them each an ever so gently pull and just loved it.

Then I started to look at the trimmers (gulp!) Ok, I thought it wise to let them out both at the same time, here goes......I felt a slight sensation of dropping and then just continuing. I think I picked up some speed, but was not sure? I was going into a head wind which I know was about 6-8mph on the ground, more up there!!

It looks as though the trimmers can be let out more as there appears to be plenty of slack on the straps?

The markings are 'slow-takeoff-neutral' and there is still slack in the straps?

Lookin at the manual the full reflex action occurs beyond the 'neutral' position?

Anyway, I am sure that someone at the fly-in will guide me and help me adjust the straps if necessary.

All in all, I must admit I do like the Revolution and all of its characteristics and loved the slow, controlled approach when I was landing (Ian - sorry mate, still landed on my bum!)

Just brilliant!!!!

So it looks like I will be selling my beginners wing (Dudek Nemo) Sad to see it go, ho hum, onwards and upwards as they say. Newbies out there this is the wing for you?!

I will bring it to the fly-in and training harness for anybody to try......you dont even have to buy it, once you've had a go.......you will want it!!! :acro:

My kit is still in the car and I cant wait to fly tonight before th ebad weather sets in!!! :D


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Nice one!!!

I bet you wish you had tried it ages ago, but as confidence is half of the battle you definately did the right thing waiting until you felt ready for the transition!

This means that you will be able to keep up with us when we are out and about. Also means that you have a larger window of conditions which you can fly in should you choose. Happy days!!!

Will give you a call to see if we can sneak in a cheeky flight early this evening.


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Ian (irm750) and I managed to sneak in a flight last night.

After my abortion of a reverse launch, I did a forward launch and I was away.

Had a strong head wind and so didnt stray too far away.

It was amazing what a difference full reflex does, although I have to unstitch my starp to allow this to happen on my Revolution, but watch Ian zipping around was something else.

Landed, hmmm.............Ian can describe my landing!!!!!!

Nice to fly with someone for a change.

Let there be more.......................


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Lovely flight. Great site you have got there.

Wind was strong. At one stage over the brow of a hill with full reflex and full speedbar the GPS was showing 2mph ground speed!

With the landing, I think you forgot to put the undercarriage down!!!

I did grab a quick video on my phone. The image is a bit small, dark and grainy but it gives you the idea (sorry for laughing by the way but I could see you were alright!) :lol:




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I will also give you a few landing tips. :D :D

It looks like you flared to much to soon (you did it at the start of the tree line) and then let the brakes off again, and then did not flare enough on landing.

Sorry, only trying to be helpfull.


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That might be partially my fault.

I said that on my revo it carries a lot of energy so I bleed off speed level with the ground using a bit of brake and then bury the brakes when I have slowed down a bit and am over where I want to land.

Probably lost in translation somewhere Mike buried the brakes a bit high!

Lesson learned, don't try to give lessons!!! :roll:


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You didnt catch my best side..........just my backside!!!!! Ha ha!! :explode:


Landing tips would be appreciated together with showing me around the Revolutions' trimming features. See you at the fly-in.

Practice will make perfect.....................................eventually!!! :)


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  • 3 weeks later...

Today was my first taste of speed with the trimmers out!!!!

I arrived at my launch site before the horsey faternity turned up to muck out!!

I had to do a forward launch into a westerley wind.............only ever done it once before.....but try to avoid them if I can, into the westerlies that is. The reason is because I have to launch facing power lines,after clearing them its trees, after clearing them......the M25!!! I have plenty of fields just over the M25 should I have to abort. I am not keen on this westerly aspect but then.......thats my site and have to learn to be confident in my take offs! There will no doubt be more and more westerlies to cope with as our summer draws to a close.

Forward launch and I was off.

After reaching about 1000ft and easing off the throttle I then wanted to let out the trimmers which I did in tandem...........bloody hell!!!! :D:D:D:D

There was a slight swoop and a marginal loss of height, I re-introduced the power and started to motor. I couldnt believe that I was making real headway into the wind and with the wind, I was motoring like I have never before - simply exilarating!!

I then experimented with trimmers both in and out and the difference is really noticable.

It was bumpy but more to do with it being gusty but I was just cutting through it all.

Landing was my usual mess but lets say a lot more controlled this time and I managed to stumble in slow motion. :?

I few more flights and then I will introduce the speed bar and see what a difference that makes.

Cant wait for the fly in now just to exchange stories, tips and hints and see all the other different combinations of motor and wing.


ps and hopefully get the landings finally sorted!!! :(

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