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parajet generator output

Guest parajetsimon

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Hello all,

I am still on my quest to find a "gucci" strobe system. I like the look of the stream lined units with a remote control unit such as the sky flash model. Has any one tried these and does any one know what the parajet magneto kicks out amp wise. :idea:

On another note I bought the tiny tach unit, but it reads 6200rpm on tickover. I dont know if its the unit thats up spout or something perculiar with the parajet. Has any one else had problems fitting one? I wondered if the charging system might be causing a problem because the wires do have to run close to it. I am correct in thinking the parajet on sparks once every 360 aren't I? :?

Next project landing lights :lol:

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Hi Simon

I had the same trouble with a unit purchased from ebay. Asked the seller if he would swap unit for the correct one and he wouldn't cos he had none. Annoying if he's still doing it because I told him they were no good for 2 stroke motors. Consequently, my little lad now has a tach on his 4 stroke quad, which works fine, but will have to remove cos he's screaming the nads off it.

You can get the right one direct from the importer. Search for the website and I'm sure you'll find it.

good luck


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Simon, I have been in discussion recently with the owner of Airworld, a big light aviation parts supplier (I bought my EGT/CHT set up off them). He is keen to start dealing in paramotor spares and wants to start off by sorting out a decent strobe installation to suit our needs. He is prepared to give a 50% discount to whoever sets up using his kit and feeds him back information. I can't do it as I don't have that sort of electrical system on my pull start only PAP. If you're interested let me know and I'll put you in touch.

PS He also does landing lights! :lol:

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