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cheshire flyers...


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i remember reading a post about you guys flying around beeston castle???

is there any t/o sites local that a few of us stoke lads could visit? we are looking to try fresh pastures, our filed in stoke is great --- but a change is welcome!--- vice versa.. stoke is open to you guys when ur ready!

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Hi Guys,

I think I mostly just wanted to try the new emoticons.


That was me for the first two forward launch tries at a new field near Ashcroft Airfield South of Winsford.


This was me when I finally tried a Reverse, which I have never succeeded in before. Gave it a few practice goes with the motor off and it was doing well. So I just switched the motor on. Did it again eh Voila' airborne!

I have chatted to the farmer and he is willing for a few of us to have a go at £5 per head per day which sounded OK to me. It is currently used by microlights so has a long southerly 'grass strip runway' but the main field is plenty wide enough now that the grass has just been cut.

I think this will be a great site if we don't p*** off the neighbours. PM me if you're interested and I will try to get together a small group on the next flyable day.

One more for luck.


Hey look formation flying!

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hi guys,

the stoke field is south stoke -- barlaston, meds has visited it and i think he found it ok... its right by trentham gardens and its a fiver if you fly to the very nice farmer.

flew tonight but got rained on!!!!!

we'd love a go at your place... theres a regular 3 of us with another 2 that fly but not as often due to work etc..

let us know if we can visit..



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yeh, likewise matt,

our field awaits you!!.

if you pm me your number il add you to my flying group and text you when we fly, if you can make it - great, if not , dont worry.

next time il try to get up at the same time as the rest of you, rather than 4 hours later!!!

see you soon bud

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