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Paragliding In France

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Hi Guys,

Not quite a paramotoring question but close. I'm off to France shortly and we should be spending some time near the Dune De Pyla. I would like to take the opportunity of doing some free flying whilst there. I'm sure I can slip in an old harnes and a well packed packed (squashed!) wing. I must mention that I have flown off the hill quite a bit but not for the last couple of years and as such am not a member of the BHPA. But have had a CP rating. What is required. On paraglidingearth it says to contact waggas school to fly the site, but my email was responded to with an automated email in French. I have tried to contact some of the British schools who fly there but no answer from any of them. So any info would be good. ALso what is required to paramotor in France ?



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. ALso what is required to paramotor in France ?



I am unclear as to what is required for visiting pilots over here, nobody I ask seems to know.

Having 3rd party insurance is mandatory over here so being covered for France is a good idea.

Most French pilots are so laissez-faire that they don't care as long as you enjoy it.



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It was certainly very relaxed when a crowd of us went over earlier this year. We had 3rd party insurance, and we took whatever flying qualifications we had with us, but no-one seemed bothered enough to check us out, even the airfield at Avranche where we spent most of our time.

Just found out, you can see 'my' ditch on Multimap



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