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Adventure F4 + Elle Wing


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Adventure F4, done less than 1 hour, so is like new. Electric Start. comes with elle wing would suit pilot up to 95kg.

I was sold this set up new, but it is totally inappropriate for my weight, however the kit is fantastic, well made and looks good.

Motor, wing and helmet £3295 ono (or possibly swap with cash for much bigger motor and wing, probably tandem setup)

I have lots of pictures, email or pm me.


Now Sold

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To be fair the motor looks mint!

I am not asking this for myself, but more because I think a few may be wondering... would you split the motor and wing?...... The wing someone will buy to ground handle with I am sure...

Welcome to the Paramotor Club by the way! :-)


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I agree with the above. Separate the wing from the package as it is probably more suited to ground handling. those people that like to fly non-reflex wings can get much more modern examples with the benefit of more modern handling for peanuts second hand. The motor does look like the best example I have seen for an adventure so while I'd suggest these usually go for £1300-1500 I think you should be looking for £2000 for that. Somebody else might be prepared to say more, who knows. BTW that was not an offer from me!

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hi there!

where are you based? I'm 86kgs naked; total beginner, anyone who knows about wings care to offer me any guidance?

May I ask when they were both last serviced, and is there a reserve included with the package?

many thanks,


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