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Spotted - over Reigate Hill


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Hey folks,

Was anyone here up the air on Sunday evening about 6pm over near the Pfizer headquarters between Reigate and Headley?

I was flying alongside someone for a while (we waved to each other - awww! :roll: )

The wing was blue/orange, but I was at the wrong angle to spy what make.

Be nice to know if it was a regular and if so start forming a merry band of pilots in the area. :lol:


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There have been a few pilots taking off from Nork Park regularly this past week. I was talking to one of the pilots whilst walking my dog. They generated a fair intrest, I suppose that’s why I am here.. On Monday evening there were 3 in flight visible above Tadworth.

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Yeah I'm planning to drop in to Rushett Farm and see what they say.

They have a helicopter that I often see landing there. With that flying around they MAY be a little apprehensive about letting us fly there, but it's worth popping in and asking.

As for flying this week...

Today is looking a little windy...but tomorrow is looking good. I'm planning an early start tomorrow (8ish) for a flight.

And then maybe again in the evening.


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Gotta be careful not to saturate it. The football club dont mind me using the field, but technically it's council land...so I wouldnt go there all the time. I just do quick launches and go and nobody minds.

We've got a couple more fields (some with full on permission) that are around the area, so give me a shout and we can maybe arrange to meet for a drink and a chat. My motor is under repair at the moment, but still happy to meet up and point out the local places to ya.

My number is 07968 345554.

Give me a shout


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