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John Carver Tip to Tip

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John Carver started his Tip to Tip Lands End to J-Ogroats yesterday on his amazing Flyke machine. Like our T2T last year the weather has not been good however he managed to cycle his machine to a field just NE of Hayle on the first day which was no easy ride with the hilly Lands End penincular.

Jackie and I met him and his ground crew mate Dave in the field which is a large flat grassy field used by a friend of mine Graham Phipps for instructing hangliding and paragliding, both with and without power using a winch, thefore the field is large. We were able to offer them a bed at our house for the night and they have just set off for the first flying leg of the journey.

He is carrying a tracker (spot tracker) and his progress can be monitored here http://www.flybike.co.uk/index.htm#

Also his justgiving site raising funds for research into juvanile diabetes http://www.justgiving.com/flybike/ a little understood but growing problem in these modern times.

Support his cause and wish him luck. He will be writing a blog linked to the route tracker page via his on-board laptop so we can read his adventure as it unfolds.

Take care.


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He's got the wind behind him today Rich. Does his route take him past mine ?


Hi Dave.

He is heading for his parants home town South of Gloucester so his track will take him North of you. Tiverton area for a stop over night is planned but I think he may well do better than that today. After tiverton the M5 will guide him to the North coast and nicely arround the first batch of major airspace. We managed to load our T2T route onto Johns GPS last night (Thanks Norman) and after Birmingham it will be as good a route for John to follow as any.

I will text you his phone number Dave. If his plans change, as we know they can you may be able to offer him somewhere to stop North of you.

John is a great character who has managed his diabetes for 30 years now however he does have to be a little carefull not to over work himself which makes this challange far more complicated and difficult due to the unpredictable work loads he is putting himself through. He is going to have to be very carefull.

With this wind and with luck he will be well on his way today.


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John landed safely at 10.15 just short of Okehampton on his first leg. Film crews were there to film his launch, so watch the news.

Unfortunately his first landing was in a valley in a bit of a boggy field so he may have to cycle to another area to take off again but Dave in the support vehicle is with him as I type this, so all is looking good so far and for the next leg.

Tracker page is

http://share.findmespot.com/shared/face ... 3mp5NDviOP

I'm so excited! Its great watching the tracker thing. Didn't really think much about it when we were using them last year.

The wind is very favourable for him at the moment, the valley may well offer him some shelter from the midday increase in wind providing good take off conditions.

Roll on next year Aus T2T. :D


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