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Paramotor magazine

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Just out and with the Gilo interview within.

What a superb article it is too; if ever you wondered how they put the Everest machine together, it's all here.

Can't wait for the rotary conversion! Lighter and very, very smooth.

Also an interesting comparison of High/Low hang points. As ever the graphics are superb...

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Here is the subscriptions page. I like to thumb through the odd mag here and there but this is one of the few that I progressively wear the page edges out on. The graphics are nothing short of superb and the articles generally very informative. Gilo's is excellent and gives an insight into his tenacity and amazing abilities. He is a gifted aeronautical engineer of some rarity.

Weesplat is also a subscriber, maybe he could comment.

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I heard it is supposed to be going to 6 issues a year (instead of the current 4) for its second year. Amazing how a new magazine has been produced to such a high standard since the very first issue.

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The choice is your's.

Issue no.3 has just be delivered to subscribers in the last few days. The initial subscription is for 6.

The Issue number or start date is your choice. I would certainly request the first three issues, as I,m sure you will continue with further subscriptions to this dedicated magazine.

See Normans reply and www. subscription link for more details.



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