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Dudek Nucleon

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The speed of the landing felt no different to the Revolution but the Revo comes in steeper.

Hope that helps


This is interesting, and you may find that a few more goes on the Nuc will find the same... but for me, the Fusion at least, lands way slower than the Revo.

(maybe it is wrong to think they are similar?)




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Different people have different reasons why they can not launch a given wing.

The best option short of visiting a local instructor to help you, would be to post a few short videos so that we can see what you are / are not doing. :-) Without this it's almost impossible to comment.


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A couple of common failings:

Be committed to launch, no half measures, you must put in the effort to inflate the wing.

Make sure the wing is above you and then FULL power.

Make sure you are running in an upright position so the thrust is pushing you forward and not into the ground.

Good luck,


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I have a Nucleon 31. A couple of things, take a few steps back towards the wing so as to pick up some speed before the lines go tight, and secondly DONT look at the wing until you are almost at flying speed - know by feel when to lean back as the wing approaches an overhead position.


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One thing that I found with the nucleon,

the manual says that the trims should be on full slow i.e. -5, but I found at this setting that the wing had a tendancy to hang back and then swing off to one side.

I found that in exactly the same conditions that if i adjusted the trims up a notch or two i.e. -3 or -2 it came up much better.

I assumed that it would have a much faster take off speed but to be honest I did not notice the difference.

It also makes a big difference in a light wind reverse launch. :)


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I have also had a few days test flying a Dudek Nucleon 31 and found it quite easy to launch in nil wind. I used my 'normal' technique for nil wind. Set the trims at '0' without knowing the manual's recommendation which is what the Reaction uses. Assume the crucifix position and bend forwards slightly and give a quick blast on power (to blow some wind over the wing to help it launch) followed quickly by knocking off the power and moving forwards to launch the wing. As soon as the wing is nearly overhead get the power back on to full blast and off you go. Leaning backwards while running certainally helps to lift off earlier.

As long as there is no hesitation and movements are all continuous, not allowing the wing to slow down it works virtually every time. Good luck.

John Coutts

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I personally do not feel that amount of run up before the lines go taught is necesary or safe. I have seen slack line sucked up & tangled in the prop.

:explode: If you can achieve the same momentum as the lines go taught from just a couple of steps backwards then that would be my choice.

I also fly a Bailey V4 which is heavy so that probably influnces me as well ! :explode:

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I take it once you have flared and touched down you put your hands back up and let the brakes off?

in wich case the wing will shoot forward, try keeping the brakes on with your hands down, if the wing still sits above you after landing then turn around and grab the rear risers and pull it down, the wing should now fall back on its rear.

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Hello, i was wondering in my Nucleon 31 if i want to do deap spiral or wing overs where i must have the trimmers??In slow, in neutral, or in fast position????

My paramotor have right hand propeller turn.

Now when i want to do spiral i put the trimmer in neutral position but i think the turn is slow.

What do you suggest me???

Thanks a lot.

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