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Its the 2nd PMC Fly-in of the summer!


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On the 11th 12th and 13th of SEPTEMBER. The Paramotor Club will be holding its second fly-in of the summer.

Due to the sucess of the last one and the good feedback from loads of you. we will be holding it at the same place. (Common Leys Farm, Oxford.)

The 3-day's, is not a mistake. The event will run from Friday morning through to Sunday evening.

This time, Ali has arranged for live music to be there as well as a few other little supprises, which I don't even know myself.

I realise that this will clash with the end of the PMC instructors course, but its one of the few windows I have left.

Please do as before and reply with your name + 1 or 2,3,4......

There is a slightly different structure to the costs this time which is.

'All' have to pay £5 that's 'per head' for camping the weekend.

Full PMC members with membership cards, FREE.

Everyone else £15.

So the worst case is, your a non paid up member, the event will cost you £20 for 3 day's.

Paid up members the cost will be £5. (which is for the land owner)


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I really enjoyed the last fly-in. The site was perfect and everyone was amazingly friendly so I'm doubly gutted to be missing this one due to being on holiday in Portugal. If anyone is wavering about going then I would suggest that this will be the one event not to miss and you should get your arse there!!!

Enjoy! :D

Best regards,


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I hope I can make it but it is too early for me to be able to commit 100%, unfortunately work will have to come first.

I doubt I'll be up in the air by then (bloody weather means not been able to get much training in) but will go for the social at least.

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Simon W +1

Simon T

Mike D

Eddie Lane (Friday & Sat)

Colin B (2 RAF)

Eddie1 +1

Mark C (CageUK)

Mark M (Morgy)

Dan P



Already looking like a half decent social :D If its not flyable, we have a beer tent and live Music so we can call it a party in stead of a fly-in.


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