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FLAT TOP secondhand

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They're 5 grand new. If I can sell mine for 2/3 rds of that say £ 3400 (no offers please) I will buy the new one with the 33 hp simonini Evo 250 cc engine. Although not desperate to sell I would spend a day with the buyer to make sure he or she was informed about the motor. (not flight training)

This ones done 70 - 80 hours mostly at quarter throttle, so nicely run in. It's probably the safest, most powerfull and fuel efficient, reliable and cheap to run units that money can buy. And for all that it's not the heaviest, infact the power to weight ratio is one of the highest.

If I cant get a fair price I'll keep it here with a spare wing so that friends I fly with, can borrow it, so they will still have half a chance of keeping me in sight, when I'm out climbing everything else with the Evo.

pm me if you want.


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Hey Frazer

It would suit you. It used to get that Genie off the ground really smartish. Any less than 16 stone and I'd be saying you'd need a smaller wing with more speed though. That large Genie used to go up too steep with that much thrust.

I could talk about it all day but if it's of no interest to anyone on here, I'll crawl back under my rock I suppose. But at 1000 quid less than your average new price of a unit, I would say it's alot of fun for the money. And you wont need to buy a prop repair kit either. It's a pity it's not British but hey ho, I wont be jepardising my safety for that small point.



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Hello Lee

I think you're flying the same as my cousin does. I got him a 2003 Walkerjet with simmo 200. The Ft has a good bit more power. The engines in a higher state of tune and the props 50 mm bigger. The first thing you notice is that it's difficult to hold the machine back, if warming the engine on the ground. I dont do that anymore. It's dangerous really. I just lie the motor forward onto it's hook in bars and let it tick over whilst I sort the wing. Then i just kill the motor, strap in, connect wing, fire up, do one or two full power runs to carve a hole in the air, shut throttle and pull wing up into the flow of air i just made, take off and then shut back to about a third to finish warming the motor at a gentle climb for a few minutes. Also uses approx 50 % less fuel so 3 hours on a tank instead of 2 1/4. Very slightly lighter but much stronger and doesn't crack the frame. There are alot of refinements, all well thought out. If you do get down this way I'll let you take it for a whirl. I'll get the Atis 2 off my cousin too. You'll love that combo. Really climbs. 500 ft/ min at your weight


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