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Parajet Macro?


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I am in need of a new machine as both my previous and current machine have left me grounded for months waiting for new parts to come from Spain (and in this perfect weather too!!).

Thinking I need to buy my next machine from a company with a very good after sales reputation, one of very few options would be Parajet's Macro.

I currently fly a revo 26 and am just under 80kgs, can anybody give me a real world fuel consumption figure that i could expect to achieve (slow and /or fast trim) and the actual weight of the machine with battery (I know there are figures on their website, but some manufacturers have been known to massage figures slightly ;-) ).



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Hello Stuart

Not hard sell but just for comparison's sake, the Flat-Top would burn about 3-5 ltrs/ hour to keep you up with the revo. Customer care, although not always local, is superb, not that you need much. Italian engine and they dont break props. It weighs 29 -5 kgs and delivers approx 80 kgs of thrust and I believe it's the cheapest unit to run. 80 hours on mine for about a fiver. (2 studs) Not changed drive belt yet, or air filter. Just cleaned filter in carb.

ps. No one seems to like the bloke that makes them but the silly so and so has made my hobby really safe and enjoyable

Look around. Fly a few and choose carefully. Good luck !


ps If you wanna fly mine get in touch. There aren't many around the UK (2)

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If you're looking for excellent customer service then you will find it hard to beat ParaJet, as many here will agree. The fact that they are UK based is also a bonus in my opinion. As farmer Dave said, try some out and make an informed decision. Good luck!

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I have had my fair share of problems with my Macro so have well and truly tried out the aftersales service to the limit, and they have come good each and every time. My machine now is behaving very well and am very pleased with it.

Just to add (don't no where you live) that a company that is situated fairly locally to me and in this country should have a quicker response than waiting for parts from abroard.

I weigh 95kgs and the Macro (Especially with the Hi Fli prop) kicks me off the ground really well.



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Hello there,

I fly a parajet Makro and i am chuffed to bits with it superb build quality mine has not missed a beat, as for fuel consumption i would go with 3 to 5 litres an hour depending on trim and the amount of climbing you do.

If you are staying at a certain height you can back the throttle to about a third and get better fuel consumption, I must admit the flat top has caught my eye due to the impressive safety record and ability to not damage props so i would not discount them. Hope this helps, Alan.

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Many thanks for all your info. The general consensus seems to be that i should do some test flights of different machines before making a final decision, which seems sensible.

Hopefully I'll get to fly a Miniplane and Bailey next week (opposite ends of the spectrum I know, but I do fancy getting more into light weight thermal flying, then again I fancy the sound, fuel efficiency and service of the Bailey).

Maybe, I'll be able to drive down to Swindon, the following week and I am in Devon the week after that, so i may be in contact to take up the two offers of a test flights here.

Thanks gents.



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