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Ebay Rant


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Grrrrr, sold an item on Ebay, clearly marked as UK sale only. Guy wanted it posting to Slovenia! Is that somewhere near Bristol?

Told him unless he came up with a UK address within 24 hours, he couldn't have it. He didn't.

Five days later, out the blue, he sends payment, and surprise surprise, a UK address.

Told him it had been sold to the under bidder, and that I wasn't happy with him. Immediately refunded his Paypal payment.

Contacted Ebay who refunded me the final value fee for the sale.

Now he's been allowed to leave negative bleedin' feedback, and ebay say they can't delete it, even though the sale was never completed.

I am so pi**ed off, cos that is my first negative in 750 feedbacks and several years of buying and selling.

Does describing me as 'unfriendly' count as defamation, cos that's the only way I'll be able to get his feedback removed?

'Angry of Newark' :evil:

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you could also argue that the comment of "Unfreindly" contributes nothing to the description of the transaction, which is the purpose of the FB system.

However, in this case my favourite would be suggesting to Ebay that they have failed to police their own rules by not upholding your instructions about a UK only sale. They refunded your FVF, but did they also refund the listing fee? I think not. They (Ebay) are in breach of contract.

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